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How do you increase your audience…using a YouTube video maker that will get you more views and more subscribers than you thought possible. Create absolutely stunning videos for social media, your YouTube channel, any platform you want. Design Wizard’s video editing tools make it easy to ramp up your YouTube channel in a major way!

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How to Use Our YouTube Video Maker

Step 1: Log into your Design Wizard account and upload your video file. You can also select from our comprehensive video library. You can search--using filters--for a specific video theme, style or type. With professional looking videos at your disposal, you have a ton of possibilities.

Step 2: Start customizing your YouTube video.  Our video editor really does make it super easy to design your video as a professional would. And no editing experience is required.

Step 3: Change elements of your video. You can change things such as brightness and contrast. You can also adjust opacity. With our YouTube video maker, you even have the ability to add images, logos or text to your video background for example.

Step 4: Download and share your YouTube video. Once the video is where you want it to be, simply download and share. At this point, you can upload it to YouTube. You can also upload it to Facebook or any relevant social media channel.

Get Better Brand Reach with A YouTube Video

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? This means that by using the right video editor and creating video clips that get noticed, you have a good chance of increasing brand reach and exposure. Because Design Wizard’s video maker gives you the ability to add icons and logos, for example, this becomes great publicity for your brand. And especially if the video is done well and the video editor you’re using lets you customize in unique ways, you stand to gain some new followers.

A Video Design Tool that Gets it Done

There are plenty of video editors and video makers out there… Why Design Wizard’s design tool? How about because it is incredibly easy to navigate, even for those with limited design skills. The intuitive dashboard basically guides you as you go—be it a short video or a longer one.

The Affordable Online Video Maker Alternative

Making a professional YouTube video shouldn’t break the bank. We make the process of developing your next soon-to-be viral video fast and affordable. No expensive equipment needed. It’s all right there, to include an awesome library of ready-to-use video templates.

Some Tips When Using a YouTube Video Editor…

While no experience nor design skills are necessary, you do want to keep in mind a few key tips to maximize the value of your video clip.

1. Make sure viewers know what the video is about. In other words, long drawn out stories tend to get fewer viewers. Short videos that are catchy and clever will score you a larger audience.

2. Know your audience. Whether they’re coming from Facebook, Twitter or some other social media platform, for example, get data on their interests and online behaviors and tailor your video accordingly.

3. Add video effects. The great thing about our video maker is that you can add some interesting and engaging effects. From music to text, you have the capacity to make truly amazing videos.

Design Wizard’s YouTube Video Editor, Taking Online Videos Up a Notch

All you have to do to get started is create an account and start searching through our video library, if you don’t already have a video file to upload. Then have some fun making it your own!