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Add text to image

Add text to an image easily with our simple to use photo editor. Simply upload your image and add multi-line text across your image using our drag and drop image editor.

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Add logo to video

Reinforce your brand when you add a logo to your video using our easy-to-use online video editor. You can also make any needed adjustments to the logo including size, opacity, and ratio changes, ensuring that it blends perfectly with your video content.

Add image to video

You can easily take your video up a notch when you add an image to your videos. Why add an image or image icon? It gives your video clip greater dimension, helps it stand out, and really puts your imprint on that video content.

YouTube video maker

Create stunning videos for social media, your YouTube channel, any platform you want. Design Wizard’s video editing tools make it easy to ramp up your YouTube channel in a major way!

YouTube outro maker

High res YouTube outro template end screens really do add that extra layer of professionalism that brings the entire YouTube video experience together.

Animated text generator

Create one-of-a-kind animated text effects and make your videos truly stand out. Design Wizard’s animated text options help add an element of the unexpected to any video clip.

Video trimmer

Design Wizard’s video trimmer offers you a fast and easy way to create the video that you want—trimmed and cut to the exact length you specify. You don’t need to be a professional video editor, you just need easy-to-navigate video editing tools.

Storyboard creator

Using Design Wizard’s storyboard creator, you have the ability to develop a dynamic visual outline of your video project. Get everybody on the same page with storyboards that help bring ideas and creativity to light.

Montage maker

Photo and video montages can tell a more in-depth story than a single image can. Design Wizard makes creating your photo or video montage incredibly easy.

Ad maker

An easy-to-navigate online ad maker that enables you to create stunning results every single time. Professional advertisements literally done in minutes with Design Wizard’s intuitive dashboard and advertisement maker.

Moodboard maker

Also called an inspiration board, creating this type of file with our easy to use moodboard maker, enables you to capture that perfect feeling in a truly inspired way!

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