10 Customizable Report Card Templates

Our report card templates are professionally designed for teachers and tutors throughout all walks of academic life. Customize the report cards and tailor them to your school curriculum or progress reports.

Being able to edit your school report cards to your needs can save time and confusion when it comes to tracking your students progress. It’s easy to edit your report cards and only takes a matter of minutes.

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Easily Edit and Download Your Report Card Templates

Whether you're heading back to school after summer, or simply starting a new school term - being organized from the get-go with report card templates that you can tweak to your own needs is a great first step.

Report cards are an important document for all teachers. They help sum up a students progress and can help them move toward a higher standard of quality work. Whether it’s high school, home school, middle school or grade level, having the right report card that is customised to the teachers needs can make things a lot easier.

How to create a report card?

It’s simple. Browse our selection of professionally crafted report card templates. Once you are happy with your selection, simply edit the colouring, wording and spacing of the report card to suit your reporting needs. When you are happy with your report card, simple save and download for your students.