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LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional networking site where most people visit with one clear purpose – to discover new businesses. Advertising on LinkedIn is a great way for brands to gain extra visibility and engagement.

Design Wizard’s LinkedIn ads templates are aligned with our commitment to helping businesses achieve their goals by supplying them with high-impact visual content.

Show your brand to the world

LinkedIn has over 500 million members and advertising on a platform this vast has the potential to generate amazingly positive results. Impress your target audience with a professionally designed LinkedIn Advertising that showcases your unique selling points in one clear, concise and compelling visual. Our talented team have put the time and effort into creating impressive graphical LinkedIn ad templates so that you don’t have to.


Boost your Business

Graphical LinkedIn Advertising may be an effective way to promote your business but it’s not the cheapest! Some LinkedIn ads can cost as much as $11 per click. To make the most of your budget, conversions and click through rates are vital to the success of your LinkedIn advertising campaign. Being clever with your LinkedIn image ad copy will entice people to follow your link. Use persuasive and compelling language to capture the attention of your audience and try to communicate the message clearly in concise sentences.

Graphical LinkedIn ads can pop up on the newsfeed or off to the side and this has a huge impact on how the adverts are seen. Ensure that the font is large, even and legible and remember it’s best not to use more than two different styles of fonts in your LinkedIn ads, any more and it may appear difficult to decipher.


Smart Visuals

Including images in your LinkedIn adverts will be far more memorable than text-centric adverts. Your target audience are far more likely to recall an interesting image but the quality must be high, you want them to remember you for all the right reasons. Design Wizard gives you access to over 1 million images produced by our in-house team of professional photographers and graphic designers – all of which are copyright free. Don’t let your LinkedIn image advert let you down by using substandard visuals.


Event F.O.M.O

Many people choose to advertise on LinkedIn for upcoming events such as conferences, sales demos, webinars and open-days. Choosing an image that signifies activity is a good way to visually represent this message. Design Wizard has thousands of images of people collaborating, chatting, brainstorming, walking, shaking hands, interacting with technology and so much more. All of these will work perfectly to advertise a not-to-be-missed event.

Dazzle Them With Color

Business isn’t black and white. Demonstrate how vivacious your brand is with eye-catching color. Even subtle pops of color can elevate a LinkedIn ad even vivid borders, frames or text boxes will make any advert stand out.

Use color alongside relevant images for maximum impact. For example, bright office stationery which can be a great visual representation of a creative, contemporary and busy office. Including bright business related graphics like bar-charts and diagrams are an effective way to promote your company through LinkedIn adverts. This is a really easy and efficient approach and we have thousands of icons that you can choose from.

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