International Creativity Month

International Creativity Month, while a relatively new month, is nonetheless an important one. Creativity and the power of creative thinking underline just about everything that people do. Business, education, art, even recreational activities require creativity. During International Creativity Month, you have the perfect opportunity to explore original ideas, follow your passion and engage in creative pursuits.

Creativity is something that everyone has inside of them. From the minds of students to those with natural skills as far as art goes for example, all people generally have some form of creative outlet. What’s yours? How will you commemorate International Creativity Month? 

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Creativity Month: Time to Express Yourself

No matter what your creative pursuit, now is the time to express it. Perhaps you might finally explore your flair for fashion design, or how about dabbling in magazine design. Some budding creative geniuses may want to create a mind map and really explore their creative urges. The great thing about being creative is that anything goes.

Cool Activities for Creativity Month

So what types of activities and projects could you undertake this month? Below are a few cool ideas we’ve put together to help inspire your creative mind! A bit of creativity can certainly go a long way.

  • Take a fresh approach to an old problem—creativity can be applied to anything
  • Introduce creativity into instruction if you’re an educator
  • Come up with fresh ideas as far as new books to read
  • Start journaling to inspire creativity
  • Take up painting or sculpting
  • Start a group of fellow creatives who want to share ideas

Really, you can put a creative spin on pretty much anything. And Design Wizard would love to help. With our graphic designs and ready-to-go templates, you can get creative and, in the process, generate professional-looking posters, cards, videos, wallpaper, you name it. Our template library is extensive.

Make a New Logo During Creativity Month

If you're involved in creative industries or have a personal brand that needs revamping, International Creativity Month is the perfect time to make your brand or business stand out. With Design Wizard’s logo creator, it could not be easier to make something super creative and thus spice up your brand.

  • Select a logo template from our library. There are a plethora of industries represented.
  • Customize your new creative logo. Change up the color, adjust the background, resize it. Do basically anything you want to make that logo your own. You can even personalize your logo design with images and special fonts.
  • Save, download and use that logo wherever you like. Let people on all of your channels see how creative you truly are!

Why Is It Important to Try and Be More Creative?

Albert Einstein once said creativity is just intelligence having fun. We tend to agree with him. Did you know that creative people are generally less stressed? Among some of the other benefits of creative pursuits is the ability to hone your outside-the-box thinking skills, the chance to revisit some of your favourite ideas, and the opportunity to give more creative learning approaches a try. We can’t wait to see what you come up with this month!