9 Customizable Gift Tag Templates

Customizable gift tag templates allow you to create your own gift tags for that added personal touch. As the holiday season approaches (or other special occasions) having a beautifully designed gift tag to accompany that perfect gift makes the world of difference. Our custom gift tag templates make it super easy to edit and customize just the way you want.

Make every single word count by adding your custom text so you can style text just the way you want. Making your very own gift tag is easy. Just browse our selection of templates until you find one suitable for your gift.

Edit Gift Tag

Choose a gift tag template to edit

Designing your own gift tag

There's no need for any previous graphic design experience. This is something anyone can do from their own homes. When you have chosen your template, use our easy-to-use online editor to start personalizing your gift card in minutes. All the elements on our templates are clickable and editable.

Adding your personalised message

Starting with the messaging and wording of your gift tag is a good place to start. Choose the appropriate words fitting for the gift or occasion.  Select or insert a text box to your template. Edit your font size and choose your style by selecting from a wide range of different fonts. There are stylish writing fonts to make it look fancy if you wish! Once you have your font chosen, add your text box and type your personalized message. This way, you can work the rest of the design around the text.  

Or perhaps you wish to leave the text area blank to create a blank template with some nice graphics and just some space for writing your message by hand. Whatever your preference, it's easy and quick to create a special gift tag. 

Add graphics and insert images for a unique touch

Whether it's a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, or valentines day, there are plenty of existing graphics and simple shapes you can drag and drop onto your tag to make your own design themes. If you wish to include images on your gift tag, you'll be sure to find something in Design Wizard's extensive media libraries, allowing you to easily insert images to your gift tag for that extra touch. Alternatively, you can upload images from your own device.

All elements are easy to align, and you can you a simple layer panel to add different elements on top of one and other.  

After inserting images, resizing them and other elements is easy. Simply click and drag to make bigger or smaller.

Printing your gift tags

Our editable templates are all about the design of your gift tags. They are also printable gift tag templates. However, how you print and use them is very much up to you. The material you print them on can make a difference. Whether it's cardboard, paper, plain paper, patterned paper is completely up to you. Many opt to use twine to attach the gift tag to your gift.