9 Dragon Logo Templates

Are you into gaming? Does your brand need a new logo? Using a dynamic dragon for a logo might just get you noticed and gain you the attention you need! Whether your brand/company revolves around the gaming industry, or perhaps your company represents security, strength and power, a dragon logo is the way to go!

Design Wizard’s dashboard and logo maker enable you to create new dragon logos with ease. No design experience necessary. You just select a dragon image relevant to your brand, customize that logo template and within a few minutes, you will have a dragon logo you’ll be proud to display.

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Choose a Dragon Logo to Design

Our Logo Maker Lets You Transform Any Dragon into the Perfect Logo

The process could not be simpler. Just select a dragon from our extensive logo library and you’re ready to begin. What do you want your dragon logo to say about your brand? Is your company ready for a spectacular new dragon logo design? Whatever industry, whatever your business, we have the perfect logo design for you. You just need to bring your imagination to the table!

Step 1: Choose a dragon image from our library of logos. Logo design is all about having a big picture perspective. Start with a dragon inspired template and go from there. In selecting an initial dragon to customize, you definitely want to have your brand essence and style in mind. What would best represent your company when it comes to a dragon logo? Which logo design speaks to you?

Step 2: Customize your dragon logo. Whether you’re all about gaming or perhaps you are focused on athletics, dragons really can suit a wide variety of brand types. Once you’ve chosen your image from our library, now it is time to really nail your dragon's “personality.” The logo design should reflect your company. Change the color, resize, reshape, integrate different elements. Have some fun with your dragon design.

Step 3: Download and share your dragon logo. Share it anywhere you like. A dragon inspired logo is perfect for social media. Use it on your company’s marketing materials. How about creating an ad around your new dragon logo? Wherever you would normally use a logo, your Design Wizard dragon logo will surely shine.

Logo Design Made Easy: Download & Go!

There really is nothing to it; even a novice can create a dynamic new logo for their brand. We’ve taken care of the hard part. Now all you need to do is allow your imagination to roam free. We are talking about a dragon after all. Creativity is inherent in the overall logo design. We can’t wait to see how you reshape and transform one of our dragon templates.

Customize Your Logo for Your Brand

The best part about using a Design Wizard logo is that it can be fully customized to reflect the spirit of your gaming brand, your sports brand, your retail brand, you name it! What are your company colors? Make sure to adjust your dragon to reflect these. Is there a tagline you want to add to your logo…go for it! We give you the power to transform any dragon design into something completely relevant to your business.

A Dragon Logo is Perfect for Any Business

Among the business types that can benefit from a dragon image as their logo: 

  • Gaming
  • Sports 
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Artistic
  • Fantasy Inspired

Dragon Logos Stand Out

Without question, utilizing a dragon-inspired image for your logo is going to get you noticed. Let’s say, for example, you are avidly into gaming. Dragons are everywhere in the realm of video games. You can create a legitimate brand by developing a dragon logo that expresses who you are and what you are all about.

Using a Dragon for a Logo Just Makes Sense

Why use a dragon as your logo? A dragon represents strength. A dragon also symbolizes power, fantasy, magic and creativity. We give you a canvas, now it is your turn to create a spectacular logo that will get you noticed.