9 Crown Logo Templates

What kind of company do you have? Is your business one that suggests royalty and/or luxury? Is yours a company that wants to project a majestic or king-related image? Then a crown logo may be the perfect logo solution for you. Crown logos say ‘we are a company that prides itself on integrity, security and loyalty.’ What better statement to make to your audience than with a regal golden crown!

Design Wizard has made it super easy to create your new crown logo. We provide a library full of numerous crown images perfect for any type of company or firm. Find the crown design that works best for your company and start customizing. Within minutes you’ll have a premium and professional crown logo that you can display anywhere!

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What Better Logo than a Crown?

Your logo design should say something meaningful about your company and its values. A crown symbolizes strength, fortitude, reliance and dependence—all amazing qualities to convey via a unique logo design. Typically a crown is associated with a king or queen. Both a king and queen suggest that yours is a brand that people can rely on, even when things seem difficult. And this is precisely what consumers want in a brand/company.

Step 1: Find the crown logo that appeals to you. Design Wizard offers a comprehensive crown logo library. Scroll through and find a crown that speaks to you, that says something about your brand values. Don’t worry, you can customize any and all logos that you see!

Step 2: Start customizing your crown! You can adjust the size and shape of the crown design you’ve selected. You can change up the color. Whatever you want to do to your logo design to make it your own and truly representative of your brand, go ahead and have some fun with it. Make it a logo worthy of a king!

Step 3: Download and share your logo design. And that is really all there is to it. You don’t need any graphic design experience to get started. Our design team has done the hard part for you. You just have to let your imagination run wild. Think like a king!

Crown Logos Perfect for Any Brand!

When you think about company logos, you think about the overall design and what it stands for. When using a crown, a king, a queen, anything related to royalty, your brand really is projecting a certain vibe. For example, let’s say you are a retailer selling luxury items. Using a crown as your logo design conveys that feeling of not only luxury but also of exclusivity. This is a design message that can only help your brand.

Other Companies That Might Use a Crown for a Logo Design

A crown really does work great for any brand. A crown of course suggests a king, and a king stands for those qualities that people tend to see as admirable. What are some organizations that can benefit from a crown logo?

  • Legal firm
  • Security company
  • Health and Safety company
  • Food & Beverage company
  • Stationery company

A Crown Logo Fit for a King

Developing your logo is easy. Get as creative as you want with the customization of your crown design. Think of what the crown might actually look like atop the head of a king. Try and understand how your core audience will read your logo. Again, you want to generate a final design that really is worthy of a king! 

Design a Stunning Logo

Spend some time and think about your brand and its logo design needs. What elements should you consider in terms of overall logo design when it comes to your brand:

  • Brand message
  • Vision/Mission
  • Core values
  • Brand/Company culture
  • Color palette
  • Future direction

Find, Create and Download Your New Logo

The logo design and creation process could not be any easier. Our design team handles the intricate details, you add the creative flair! No intensive graphic arts/design experience needed to create a stunning crown design for your brand. Logo design doesn’t have to take hours or cost hundreds. Design Wizard has all of your logo design needs—crown, king or otherwise—covered!