1st Birthday Cards

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Whether they receive a low-key family gathering or a sit down meal for 200, a baby’s first birthday is a magnificent milestone, and amongst the proudest days for any parent. The special birthday boy or girl might not actually remember the day, but keepsakes such as print and digital 1st birthday cards can be preserved and treasured for when they are older. How ONEderful for anyone to be able to read all the beautiful things that their loved ones said about them on the first birthday.

Bright First Birthdays

Design Wizard has an endless amount of colors to choose from as well as a convenient opacity slider so that you can easily control the depth of color for truly personalized birthday cards.

Color can have an impact on a baby’s mood, learning, and overall development but whether you choose bright stimulating shades or soothing soft pastels – there is no right or wrong. Select shades and design elements that reflect the birthday baby’s personality, which, by their first birthday will be starting to shine.

Tickle Their Fancy

Baby’s respond positively to contrasting patterns and shapes and this can be a great place to begin when designing a first birthday card. We have thousands of professionally constructed backgrounds, designs and textures that will give energy to your card.

Complement your base layer with cute and cuddly graphics, icons or illustrations such as animals, teddy bears, love hearts, rainbows, balloons or cakes. There are many different styles of first birthday cards too, from cute cartoons to modern and contemporary. Bringing everything together is as easy as child’s play. Just drag and drop!

Color It In

There are the more traditional or stereotypical gender specific colors like pink for girls and blue for boys but there are plenty of options for a more gender fluid approach too. Green, red, orange, yellow and white are all neutral and safe-bet shades.

You can also mix and match different tints, tones and shades of the one hue – this is called a monochromatic color scheme. For example, using a primary green but introducing a deeper forest green and perhaps a lively mint within the same image. Make your text pop with a contrasting color for a unique personalized birthday card!

Bring Your 1st Birthday Card To Life

Show the birthday baby how much they are loved by including photos and personalized messages. Family portraits, cute close-ups, even throwbacks to the day the were born can be uploaded quickly and easily. Overlay the image with color customizable text. We have an extensive library of text types to choose from, and fonts like Butterfly Kids or Bonbon are perfect for a baby’s first birthday card!

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