Creating a YouTube Channel

The question “How to create a YouTube channel” is often asked on Google  – and for good reason.  Unless you’ve been living under a virtual rock you’re going to know how relevant YouTube is too pretty much every industry imaginable. But just in case you have been living under a virtual rock, here’s some stats to mull over:


  • On average there are over five billion videos watched on the platform per day.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine out there (after Google).
  • Around 75% of all US adults use YouTube (far more than do Facebook).


YouTube is not only engaging and entertaining but it is also a great brand builder for businesses and individuals. 


How to create a YouTube channel

People might be a bit intimidated by the prospect of creating a YouTube channel, but there is no need to be.  Truth is, it’s simple. And fun!

A lot of people tend to forget that YouTube is, at its heart, a social network.

Below is a step by step guide on how to create a YouTube channel. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur looking to generate some additional buzz around your brand, a YouTube channel may be just the edge you need. You can engage your viewers, and educate or entertain them through your content.


How to Create a YouTube Channel to Help Boost Your Brand 


From creating a brand new account to the perfect profile picture or profile icon, our YouTube channel guide touches all topics. You’ll be uploading your videos and feeling like a YouTuber in no time.

There are a variety of ways in which you can use YouTube to help augment your current marketing efforts if, the YouTube channel is for business/branding purposes. Some use it to post commercials. Others utilize YouTube for creating how-to videos and thereby offer audiences something of value. And still other people and companies use their YouTube channel to give users a glimpse behind the scene


How to create a YouTube channel


Creatively, the sky’s the limit. Don’t hesitate to think outside the YouTube video box

Be sure to be consistent once you do have that channel up and running. Uploading a couple of videos and then neglecting to add more is only going to leave your YouTube channel stagnant. A stagnant channel does absolutely nothing for you. One however that is active and updated can go a long way toward marketing your brand

So let’s get started…


Starting Your Channel Using your Google Account


To create a YouTube channel, you first have to have a Google account. (Incidentally, Google owns YouTube.) So, if you currently do not have one, now is a good time to sign up with Google. Once that’s in place, you’re ready to get your channel going. 


Head Over to YouTube


First thing’s first…Once you’re on, you’re going to want to locate your user icon. This can be found in the upper right-hand side of the screen. Click on this and you should see a drop-down menu. Select “settings.” This will take you to a screen on which you should see the link to “create a new channel.” Voila—exactly the option you want. 


How to create a YouTube channel


You Will Be Asked to Create a Brand Account


This does not have to be the same name as on your Google account. Though it should have some sort of connection to the overall theme of your YouTube channel. At this point, you might be asked to verify this account, either via text or even phone call. As with many other security precautions, this is just to ensure your privacy and safety.

Next You Will Be Directed to Your YouTube Dashboard This is where you get to start having a little creative fun by way of customizing your YouTube channel and making it distinctly your own. You want it to be eye-catching and appealing so that curious users will want to see what type of content you might have in store for them.


Next You Will Be Directed to Your YouTube Dashboard 

This is where you get to start having a little creative fun by way of customizing your YouTube channel and making it distinctly your own. You want it to be eye-catching and appealing so that curious users will want to see what type of content you might have in store for them. 


How to Create a YouTube Channel That Looks Professional  


If your channel is for business purposes, you are going to want to make a great impression. Invest time on the setup portion and make sure that it has an overall professional look and feel about it. On your YouTube dashboard, you should see a link that says customize channel; this is where you want to go as you begin the process of making your YouTube channel a standout.


Start by Adding an Image to Your YouTube Account


How to create a YouTube channel


Essentially all social media platforms give you the ability to personalize your page/platform/feed and channel with an image. It should be something that makes sense within the context of your brand. Brand building is all about consistency. It’s about using images, graphics, and photos that are instantly recognizable in connection with who you are and what you do. So choose wisely. Simply click on your channel icon and upload the image/photo you want users to associate with your channel.


Add Channel Art


This takes your YouTube channel up yet another notch. People are visual. Potential viewers are drawn to that which pops and catches their eye. By adding channel art, you also add greater depth and dimension to the overall vibe of the channel itself. There’s a dedicated button for adding such art. Simply click on it and upload away! YouTube does give you the ability to crop and edit as well. As you of course want to make sure that your image looks as professional as possible.


Don’t Forget the “About” Section of Your YouTube Channel


Believe it or not many people tend to overlook the channel description. That’s a huge no-no, especially when it comes to using YouTube to gain greater exposure. Think about your target audience and potential viewers. You might already have some bio or description from your other social media channels that would work.

If not, crafting a channel description does not have to be overly complex. The simpler the channel description, the better. Just get the key facts about your brand or company in there along with a few keywords, and also be sure to include a relevant email address. Additionally, here is where you want to include links to your other social profiles as well as to any other pages that you want viewers to potentially visit.


Optimize Your Channel for Increased Discoverability 


How to create a YouTube channel


The key after all is getting users to watch the videos you post, right? During the initial setup is where you can include certain information for example that helps optimize your channel so that you get found. This is also where you want to research relevant keywords. These will come into play as far as connecting to common search terms for your industry. This will also help with YouTube channel promotion


Go to the Advanced Setting Section of Your YouTube Dashboard

If you click on the setting button, you’ll see an advanced settings options. Choose this and then you’ll be taken to a page where you can input some basic info about your channel. Fill in the requisite information.


Here is Where Keywords Come into Play


What search terms are most relevant for your videos? A little research will work to your advantage here. When people are on YouTube looking for specific videos such that might be related to your brand what words are the most apt to search for? Do your keyword research before making your video to get the most amount of views.

Once you create the video, add the keywords within your video description. This helps optimize your video for search. Keywords however are only important if you are looking to grow organically.


You Can Also Add a Google Ads Account


Within this advanced settings section, you have the option of linking to a Google Ads account and also of including an analytics tracking ID. This can help you gain a better picture of the type of traffic your YouTube channel is getting. 


How to create a YouTube channel

Finally, It’s Time to Add Videos to Your YouTube Channel


This is of course the whole point. The kinds of video content you upload will be dependent on a few factors: what is the purpose of your channel, what do you want your viewers to get out of watching said videos, and are they going to be about brand building among other questions to ask. The important thing to remember is that your channel is a reflection of you. Again, professionalism counts, as does optimization. The quality of your YouTube videos is hugely important to retain and grow your viewership and audience. And the overall message that you’re sending with them, critical.


Things to Keep in Mind When Uploading to Your Channel: Titles & Tags


Like posting on any social media, uploading the video itself is easy; it’s the associated elements that sometimes people fail to include. Title for instance is an important component when it comes to any YouTube video. You want the title to reveal what the video is about and also make sure that it’s enticing to your viewer.

Do try and keep it simple. An overly long or complicated title tends to be a turnoff. Tags are also key here. Make sure the tags are relevant to the video and not misleading in some way. Using tags can help expand the reach of your video as this enables them to come up in more searches.

Include a YouTube Video Description With the description piece, you’re limited to 1000 characters. And this is fine. YouTube users aren’t necessarily into spending an inordinate amount of time reading content. They want to get to the video. That said, it is a good idea to always include a description yet another means of getting found.


Include a YouTube Video Description


With the description piece, you’re limited to 1000 characters. And this is fine. YouTube users aren’t necessarily into spending an inordinate amount of time reading content. They want to get to the video. That said, it is a good idea to always include a description—yet another means of getting found. 


You Can Also Categorize a YouTube Video

You do have the option of including a category heading for your video. This lets your upload be grouped in with similar videos. Take some time though and think about the appropriate category for your specific video. The last thing you want is to lump it in with video content that has no connection whatsoever.

Go a Step Further: Highlight Feature Channels


YouTube, just like any other social platform, is all about community. Participating in that community could be a great thing for getting more notice for your brand. How do you participate? There are a couple of ways. You have the option to highlight feature channels; you can also like certain videos. This is a great strategy particularly if you’re not necessarily someone who intends to put a ton of content on their YouTube channel. It does help to show that at least there is some level of activity.


Try and Avoid Highlighting Direct Competitors



Not that you want to necessarily bash your competitors, but you also don’t want to do them any favors either. By highlighting those companies/brands that are associated with your industry but not in direct competition with you, you stand to grow your list of subscribers. This could help get you in front of those who are interested in your industry but may not as of yet have heard of you. 


Make Sure YouTube Videos that You Like Are Engaging


In other words, stay away from flat or boring content. Any liked videos can be seen in your profile tab. The last thing you want to do is to essentially suggest content that lacks any entertainment value. However, also make sure that the video is relevant to your brand. So for instance, if there’s a laugh out loud Saturday Night Live sketch that you just can’t stop watching…maybe save that for a personal YouTube channel instead. 


Enable the “Public” Setting On Your YouTube Channel Dashboard


When you do feature certain channels and/or like various videos, you want your followers to be able to see them. Here is where you need to go into your channel settings and ensure that your subscriptions and liked videos are set to “public.” 


Creating a YouTube channel again does not entail rocket science. It’s a fairly easy process that you can most likely manage in a short amount of time. What does take some time however is ensuring that your videos are properly tagged and titles. That they have appropriate descriptions and that you’ve done everything possible to help them get found.


How to create a YouTube channel


Another important consideration is the thumbnail image for your YouTube video. As they say, people tend to judge a book by its cover. It is no different when it comes to your YouTube channel and its videos. From how big that thumbnail is, to the color scheme, to any titles/text, you want to be sure and get it right. You want it to entice users to click on your content. 

So yes, you could say there are several moving parts when it comes to not only channel creation, but video uploading and the associated actions. If you simply take a little time to first familiarize yourself with the platform as a whole, you’ll feel much more comfortable about developing your own YouTube presence. As far as how to create a YouTube channel, hopefully you now have a bit more background. Getting started is the first step. After that, well, that’s when you get to have some fun! 


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