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Read the Design Wizard Blogs and learn the hints, tips, and the secrets towards becoming a YouTuber. From profile pictures, youtube channel art, creating intros or outros,  whether you are Youtubing for gaming, for business, or fun, if you are on YouTube, read on!

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  • Instagram Video Ads Guide to Grow Your Business

    Find out how to design Instagram video ads with Design Wizard that stop your target audience from scrolling past or swiping left. Get tips on how to align your brand identity with your key advertising message and how to stand out in the sea of beautiful visual content on this…
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  • How to Create Facebook Video Ads that Convert with Design Wizard

    Explore how you can design Facebook video ads in just a few simple steps with Design Wizard and learn best practices to build a successful campaign. See how easy it can be and get an overview of how to set up your video ads in Ads Manager.   Facebook keeps…
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  • How to Create LinkedIn Video Ads | The Ultimate Guide

    LinkedIn video ads get more engagement than other content. Just like on all other social media platforms, advertising through video has become a powerful tool to increase brand awareness. Add to that the precision of targeting specific audiences with ads and you get accelerated lead generation and more conversions.   …
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  • YouTube Video Ideas featrued image

    102 Excellent YouTube Video Ideas for 2021

    Browse our YouTube video ideas and get inspired to start your new channel or go for a new angle. YouTube is a platform that can provide huge rewards for channels that get a lot of views. The most successful YouTubers can do what they love and make a significant amount…
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  • Youtube channel name ideas cover

    120+ YouTube Channel Names & Ideas For Inspiration

    YouTube channel names are an important part of building a foundation for future success on the platform. If you have a good channel name, it will be easier for viewers to find you through Google and YouTube. Additionally, they will remember who you are and recommend you to their friends.  However,…
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  • YouTube Banner Ideas & Templates

    36 Brilliant YouTube Banner Ideas & Templates

    YouTube Channel Banner Ideas If you are looking for fresh and current YouTube Banner Ideas, we have curated categories of engaging designs that are sure to attract a viewer’s close attention. Before you start designing, it is important to know the basics. What exactly is a banner template? Where can…
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  • How to Create a Playlist on YouTube | A Beginner’s Guide

    Explore our beginner’s guide and learn how to create a playlist on YouTube. Playlists are essential to keep your channel in order and professional-looking.  Owned by Google, YouTube is one of the most powerful search engines globally, and videos of popular channels also show in Google’s search results. Playlists can…
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  • Youtube Marketing: 50 of the best Youtube Marketing Campaigns EVER!

    Everyone has done it: Gone down Youtube rabbit holes! You log on to watch one video, then six hours later it’s 3 AM and you’re watching Irish Gypsys duke it out with their cousins, as narrated by Joe Rogan in conversation with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, right before Neil moves on…
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  • How to Make a Video with Photos

    Looking for a quick way to make sales videos that convert? Or searching for a way to impress family and friends on special occasions? We show you how to create a video with your own photos with Design Wizard in 7 easy steps.    Particularly for businesses, short videos on…
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  • How to Make a Thumbnail for Your Video: 4 Easy Steps

    Making A Video Thumbnail For Your Video? You've just created an awesome video and now you're wondering how to make a thumbnail for your video. We've got you! Video-sharing platforms like YouTube have long been growing in popularity. But the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed video sharing into a new era.…
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  • The Perfect YouTube Thumbnail Size (+Templates)

    How Big Is A Youtube Thumbnail? If you're asking what the ideas youtube thumbnail size is, you're probably scanning the web wondering, "How can I increase my Youtube views and subscribers?"  Most likely you've come to understand that Youtube thumbnails can work magic on increasing your video clicks, engagement, and,…
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  • How To Make Money on YouTube in 2021

    Making Money On YouTube in 2021 With nearly two billion users monthly, YouTube is increasingly becoming a viable option for many looking to make money online by uploading video content in the hopes of acquiring a healthy following. That said, many aspiring YouTuber approach their YouTube dreams with an unrealistic…
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  • How To Increase YouTube Subscribers: 15 Ways to Grow Your Audience

    How To Increase YouTube Subscribers While Covid-19 continues around the world, people are going online more than ever. When it comes to YouTube, 39.4% of social media users said they would use YouTube “significantly more” if they’re stuck inside as far back as March 2020. Going into 2021, video streaming, including YouTube,…
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  • Video Marketing Guide for Beginners. Black and orange image

    Video Marketing Guide for Beginners: 2021

    Video Marketing for Beginners Regardless of where you are in your marketing strategy or in the life cycle of your company, video marketing absolutely needs to be a part of your game plan. Moving forward, if you stick merely to “what’s worked” in the past, then let’s just say the…
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  • How To Embed a Video in PowerPoint

    PowerPoint can be a great tool especially as far as business and/or brand presentations go. However, that said, the standard PowerPoint fare is becoming a bit overdone. In other words, more often than not, people tend to tune out watching static slide after slide. You can take your PowerPoint game…
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  • The Only Video Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know

    Use video to accelerate your email marketing Video and email are two powerful marketing tools, so what could be better than combining the two? If you’re planning to deliver a creative, insightful and, most importantly, effective campaign, then video email marketing need to be front and centre.   While video…
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  • How To Create A YouTube Channel: A Beginner’s Guide

    Creating a YouTube Channel How to Create a YouTube Channel The question “How to create a YouTube channel” is often asked on Google  – and for good reason.  People may want to create a YouTube channel for many different reasons. Whether it’s for your business, organization, or just for fun. creating a…
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  • What is the Best Laptop for Video Editing?

    Video editing at your fingertips Once upon a time video editing was an endeavor that required some very bulky (not to mention pricey) equipment. You had to have a veritable studio set up in order to get anything that remotely looked professional. Not the case anymore. When it comes to…
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  • How to Make a YouTube Intro

    How to Make a YouTube Intro

    What is a YouTube intro? A YouTube intro is a short clip that appears at the beginning of many YouTube videos. It typically displays info about the channel of the YouTuber who made the video.   The intro often features an engaging graphic that combines visually appealing text and imagery…
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  • How to Promote your YouTube Channel

    How To Promote Your YouTube Channel: 20 Effective Tactics

    Discover how you can get more subscribers Creating a YouTube channel is one thing, but learning how to promote your YouTube channel is crucial to being successful on the platform.   The last thing you want is for no one to see your videos after all the hard work you’ve…
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