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Creativity is key in the world of advertising, so why not lead the way for your clients with an innovative video template for your advertising agency? Creating an eye-catching video couldn’t be easier with Design Wizard’s amazing library of high-quality video templates. Simply select a template and let your imagination run wild by customizing your template with slogans, logos and so much more!

The next generation of creativity

Advertising has become more and more costly for companies, but it’s also become increasingly more difficult. With so much competition for attention, the need to stand out is highly important. That’s where our advertising agency video templates come into play. Our videos give you the opportunity to showcase your services to potential clients in a really engaging way. An advertising agency will often be judged on its own ads, so it’s important to look your best.

These videos can be used on your company’s website or on your social media feeds. The designs feature a wide array of images that can be customized in just a few minutes. You can also edit the the text and include your own words in the design.

We also have collections of business promotion video templates, expo events video templates and business technology video templates. Some of our social media image templates include Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Display Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

Traditional advertising with a modern twist!

All it takes is a few clicks to add shapes to your design. Select ‘shapes’ and choose from rectangles, triangles and circles in solid or outline form. These can be used to make text boxes and borders. You can also use straight lines to create your own custom shapes.

To empty the canvas in your workspace completely, click on ‘clear’ or click ‘undo’ to cancel your last action.

Click on a text box to change the size, font style and color of your text. Here you can also align it to the left, align it to the right or center it.

How to design striking Advertising Agency videos in 5 simple steps

1. Select your advertising agency template from over 2,000 ready-made video templates.

2. Choose one of more than 10,000 professionally-created videos.

3. Change the color and text of your own branded message using over 100 fresh fonts.

4. Save your newly created design.

5. Share or download your own brand new advertising agency video.

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