How Marketing Maiden uses Design Wizard to save 8 hours design-time per week.





Marketing Maiden Company Overview:

Marketing Maiden is a digital marketing agency based in Loveland, Colorado which opened in 2015. Founder Meredith Siss and her team specialize in digital marketing services for small businesses throughout the state. Meredith opened Marketing Maiden after noticing marketing agencies tendencies to favor larger businesses over the small business owners of Colorado.



Meredith and her team wanted to improve the quality of their designs without adding extra design time to their workday. It is also important to not that Marketing Maiden does not have an in-house graphic designer. This made the need for easy-to-edit templates important. Meredith wanted a base with which to start each designs.

Additionally, she needed a tool that would enable her to produce high-quality graphics for her various clients’ quickly. However, the tool needed to be able to do this without sacrificing quality. Meredith’s biggest problem before using Design Wizard was “finding professional designs with clear CTA’s that businesses need”.


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Meredith signed up to our Pro account with the aim of improving the quality of Marketing Maiden’s visual content. Through Marketing Maiden’s use of Design Wizard, their clients have seen an increase in engagement on social media. This can be seen most notably in the case of Lighthouse Elder Care and their recent Facebook marketing efforts.

The Fort Collins’ based assisted living facility noticed a 500% increase in Facebook reactions between September and November 2018.


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It is important to note that before becoming a Design Wizard Pro user, Meredith used “upwards of 3 different tools to create one graphic for a campaign”. This was due to the varying dimensions of print and digital platforms. In order to resize a graphic Meredith had to “recreate it using all the tools again to make a new version”.



Since signing up to Design Wizard in late September 2018, Marketing Maiden has been able to cut down their design time by at least 40%. That number often increases to as much as 70% depending on the size of the project.

This is largely thanks to the selection of templates available to Meredith and her team via Design Wizard. Our resize feature has also eliminated the need for Meredith to use more than one design tool. This feature has allowed Meredith to create uniform graphics to fit a variety of marketing needs with ease.


The benefits of using Design Wizard are two-fold for Marketing Maiden. Meredith highlighted this by saying that, “Internally, it has saved us so much time and creative effort…Externally, it has made all of our clients look better and really take their marketing to the next level.”

This time-saving has also allowed Meredith and her team to invest more time in the marketing for Marketing Maiden itself. By gaining back time in their working week, Meredith and her team have been “able to create more video content, do more Facebook Live events, host more trainings, and really focus on marketing our own company”.


With more time available to the Marketing Maiden team, they were able to channel more time into growing Marketing Maiden’s online presence. Below is one such example of a graphic created by Meredith for Marketing Maiden itself:


Marketing Maiden Business Solutions




Through their use of Design Wizard, Marketing Maiden has decreased company design time by up to 8 hours every week. They were also able to streamline their graphic designs needs into one, user-friendly app.

Overall, Design Wizard has enabled Marketing Maiden to not only enhance their design experience but also attract new clients.

These new designs have directly led to Meredith being approached by new clients who took note of campaigns made with the help of Design Wizard.

“A competitor of one of our clients was so impressed with the marketing elements…that they tracked us down and wanted to have a meeting with us ASAP because they loved what we were doing! Design Wizard has saved us so much time and directly brought us new clients!”.

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