Start Designing With A Stunning Wine Label Template

With a printable wine label template, you can turn a bottle of the ordinary into something spectacular. Who doesn’t love wine? Be it a merlot or a chardonnay, you can create a wine label to highlight any kind of wine and/or commemorate any type of occasion. By adding logos, wine descriptions, the date, even images if you choose, your wine label will be something to remember. 

And the best part, you don’t have to be a graphic design expert to create your own wine labels. With Design Wizard’s tools and resources, you have access to numerous professionally created free wine label templates, so you are not starting from scratch! The end result: a beautiful label!

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Professional Labels for Wine Entrepreneurs

If you are serious about wine-making and you are getting ready to launch your own brand of wine, our library of professionally generated wine bottle labels is the perfect solution. Especially if you’re just starting out, the budget might be a bit on the tighter side. and yet, you still are after that original label distinctive of your wine. Hiring a graphic designer for your labeling could get pricey. Using a wine label template and then adding a logo, image, and description, among other details, is not only more affordable, but you get the same expert design quality in a timely manner.

A Personalized Wine Bottle Label for a Special Occasion

You might be wondering what type of special occasion would call for a personalized wine label. Pretty much parties, special events, or celebrations could always use a custom wine label template. For instance, your office holiday party. You can create a wine label design that incorporates your company logo. An anniversary certainly calls for a special bottle label bearing a personalized wine label design. How about customizing a label design for your Valentine? 

Birthdays, retirement bashes, you name it…Weddings are a great occasion for customizing a wine label template. The bride and groom’s names, the date, a special saying, even a graphic or photo can be added to a wine bottle using adhesive labels. This is definitely a great memento for your guests to bring home. you truly are giving them that personalized touch with your wedding day wine label design.

Creating Your Wine Label Design

The process is incredibly easy because, again, the hard part is already done for you. Starting with a design template, you can still create a highly original label. And with Design Wizard’s templates, sizes are aligned with standard wine bottles. You simply need to get creative and customize!

Choose Your Label Color

As far as this goes, you really want to consider the kind of wine as well as the color bottle. The label design should pop. It should stand out from the bottle, so using a contrasting color background could work really well.

Add Images and Graphics to your Wine Bottle

So if you are designing a wine bottle label for a company, a logo could be appropriate. You can even add photos, custom graphics, stock graphics—let your imagination run wild. After all, it is wine we’re talking about; in many ways, this is a project that lends itself to having some fun.

Think About the Typography of the Wine Label Design

Beyond color, the font style is among the more important elements of your label. If you’re going for a more modern hip vibe, you might want to have some fun as far as typography goes. On the other hand, if you want the wine bottle to convey elegance and class, a more traditional style is probably the way to go here. If the wine label is for a special event, think about the time of that event and go from there. 

What is Your Label Message?

You can mention the kind of wine, the vintage, add a name. You might even include a quote that reflects the type of wine you are presenting. This is your chance to really personalize your wine label template.

A Wine Bottle to Remember

Once you are done designing your wine bottle label, be it for your own customized label or to give to your special Valentine, all you have to do is save and download your design. All designs are printable on a label sheet. So in terms of the actual printing, you can purchase adhesive labels and print from your home. You can also send the design to a professional printing service. If you are doing a number of wine bottle labels versus just a small batch, this might be the better option.