9 Twitch Logo Templates

Need a compelling Twitch logo? Whether you’re heavy into gaming and offering live streams for your followers or you’re a musician trying to get their sound heard, you absolutely need a Twitch logo—at least if you want to stand out. Think about how many users, gamers, and content creators are on Twitch, and think about the best strategy for getting your brand to the front of the pack. A logo is a Twitch user's must have!

Design Wizard is making logo creation easier than ever. Our comprehensive logo library lets you select from professional designs; you then customize accordingly and upload your brand new Twitch logo to your channel.

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Creating Twitch Logos Has Never Been Easier

And every logo design is fully customizable. You have the option of changing color and adjusting the background with any logo template. Just use your imagination and make your logo project applicable to your own unique Twitch brand.

Step 1: Choose a Twitch logo design from our comprehensive library. Whatever your Twitch presence, whatever your genre or niche, we have a design that will reflect the spirit of exactly who you are online. Gaming lovers never fear—we have a wide array of styles and logo types to help make your gaming brand distinctive and completely unique.

Step 2: Customize your Twitch logo or logos. Your channel is your calling card. Whether you’re into gaming or music or even cooking, creating a vibrant and dynamic new logo for your Twitch account will only help attract more followers. The key is to customize your Twitch logos. The layout, color scheme, any design facet for that matter can be adjusted in keeping with your tastes and logo needs.

Step 3: Personalize your Twitch account logo. Of course you want to add that personal touch to any of our logo mockups. A logo should express something about who you are and what your brand is all about. Wherever you use your logo, be it on Facebook, Instagram or somewhere else, you want to make sure it reveals something specific about you.

Step 4: Save and download your logo. And that is all there is to logo design and creation using Design Wizard’s intuitive tools. Now that logo is ready to go and can be uploaded to any channel or account.

Download Your Logo (or Logos) and Use It on Your Channel

Think about the streams and games you currently watch. Many Twitch account users have logos associated with their channel. It serves to make that channel more memorable. You’re going to be more apt to follow that particular Twitch account, right? Don’t you want the same for your own Twitch channel/account…

Other places where a logo works well

- Post the logo on your social media. Facebook is a great place to display Twitch logos. For those active in the gaming community and esports, there are a variety of social sites where a logo could have a huge impact.

- Put your new logo on your website. Creating a brand is all about consistency. From your website to various social media accounts to any video channel you may have, your logo can be used on Twitch and beyond.

- Use the logo as an email signature. Again, it is all about establishing that brand, and nothing does that better than a custom logo. Your logo is a sign of your professionalism and helps generate even more credibility.

Pick the Perfect Twitch Layout for Your Logo

The templates we offer are ideal for using on Twitch (as well as on any other platform or app). When creating your new logo, you want to keep in mind the following stylistic tips and hints:

Color is key. Bright vibrant colors tend to work well when it comes to logos. And especially with Twitch, a streaming platform largely about gaming, the brighter the better. Go with vivid primary colors or how about color coordinated pastels for your logo?

Think about typography. What style lettering will your logo or logos have? Many people tend to overlook font and typography in logo design—this is a huge mistake. Look at other logos associated with games and gaming and see what works well.

Use symbols. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when coming up with a new logo for your channel. Twitch users are nothing if not creative, and integrating symbols in your overall logo design, relevant to your brand and/or niche, can make a major splash.

Design Professional Looking Logos using Our Templates 

The great thing about the Design Wizard dashboard is that no previous graphic art or logo design experience is needed. You don't even need to be well-versed in design for video. Even those new to this type of design can create something truly phenomenal that they are going to be proud to show off on their channel. As they are super easy to edit and customize, you really can take any one of our templates and make it your own!