9 Shield Logo Templates

Having a logo for your business nowadays is a must. Logos indicate professionalism, they are memorable; a logo is an icon that people associate with your company and what it stands for. Think of your logo in some ways as your home base. Among the more popular images in logo design are shield logos. Think about what a shield stands for: strength, protection, security and harbor from harm. For certain companies, this can be the ideal image.

So how do you get a shield logo that looks professional and still conveys the essence of your business? With Design Wizard’s comprehensive dashboard and free template library, you have all the tools you need to create a dynamic new shield logo for your brand. Getting started with a professionally done shield logo design via Design Wizard’s platform makes it incredibly easy to create a logo you can display anywhere.

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Make a New Logo Using Our Templates

Not well versed in graphic design? No problem! Our design team has generated an extensive library of free shield images to help you get started. You simply select the logo design that appeals to you from our collection and then make it fit your needs.

Step 1: Pick a shield design that works for your business. Again, a shield is the quintessential emblem of security. Is your business one that makes people feel safe and secure? What type of shield would look best in terms of creating the ideal logo for you? We have a wide array of shield styles and types. From large and impressive to more classic and ornate—the shield selection in Design Wizard’s free library is certain to have something that reflects what you do and the services you offer.

Step 2: Customize your shield logo. Design Wizard’s library and dashboard allow for optimal customization of any shield logo design. Not crazy about the overall color? Not a problem—adjust to suit your company’s color palette. Need to resize logos to fit your home pages, social media accounts or marketing materials—we allow you to do just that. Play with virtually any facet of the logo design you choose and create a logo that really represents your business!

Step 3: Personalize your new shield design. Beyond customizing, you also have the ability to personalize any logo template on our site. Our logo maker gives you the flexibility to inject, well, “you” into your logos. Add a photographic element. Include a tagline. Use a special font created for the business. You name it, Design Wizard’s logo maker allows you to implement that element.

Step 4: Save, download and share. And that is all there is to logo creation. A custom shield logo does not have to be labor intensive to develop. And when you are finished with your free logo design, you just save it and add the shield logo anywhere you need to. Your homepage, business cards, conference badges, sky’s the limit.

Which Companies Might Use Shield Logos?

You might be wondering what type of companies might be apt to integrate a shield logo into their marketing strategy, use a shield on a business card, or put a shield design on their home page. As a shield does represent security and protection, there are many medical firms for example that utilize a shield as far as their logo design. So whether you're an attorney or architect, a shield logo design might just be the perfect solution for your logo needs.

Other companies that can use a shield for a logo

 - An attorney

- Retail security

- Hotel and hospitality security firm

- Cyber security firm

- Healthcare based companies

- Educational organizations

- Public safety offices

A Shield Really is the Perfect Logo

While virtually anything can be used in logo design, a shield is truly something that will stand out and have an impact. Select from our free shield templates and let your imagination run wild. Stay classic with your shield or make it quirky. Don't be afraid to experiment with logo design using our intuitive logo maker. 

Download Your Logo Design and Share!

You don’t need to be a graphic design wizard to knock logo design out of the park. When it comes to utilizing the image of a shield in your logos, we’ve got our covered. Our team has developed some truly evergreen logo ideas and designs, now you just make it your own and add your special creative touch. A logo really is a hallmark of who you are as a business. What do you want your new shield logo to say about you?