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Create a school schedule to stay on top of your work and timetable. Whether you want a daily schedule or weekly schedule, our online school schedule maker makes it easy for you to organise your entire week, with our clean and professional school schedule templates.

Suitable for both high school and college schedules, our templates are professionally designed making it possible to edit your individual time slots, allowing you to stay on top of your work schedule and timetables.

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Daily Schedules

If you need something by the hour, our daily scheduling templates allow you to plan your day from the second you wake to the second you sleep if that's what you need! Having a daily schedule can help you organize your life on a more granular level giving you complete control over your day.

Weekly Schedules

Organise your whole week with our weekly templates and easily edit them to your scheduling needs. Whether it’s Monday to Friday you need or Monday to Sunday, we have templates to suit your schedule.

Choose & Build your schedule

Based on your timetable needs, simply browse our schedule templates to find one most suitable for you. Edit to make it unique to your work weeks and scheduling needs. Add text, change colors, or timetable times. Simply download and print for your locker, diary, or notebooks to make sure you know what classes and tutorials are coming up.

How to use the schedule maker

Using the schedule maker is simple. Once you are happy with your choice of template, simply select the template by clicking, and the work dashboard will open to Design Wizard. From here, there are a number of simple and easy to use steps to editing the schedule. Simply drag and drop elements to make it look how you want. Click to edit text, or add text from the tool sidebar. Choose your font type and size, and add as much or as little detail about your timetable as you want.

Once you are happy with the overall look and design of your schedule, click save and download to finish.