9 Modern Business Cards Templates

9 unique and modern business card templates for you to edit and download. Fully customizable with an easy-to-use online editor, simply select a template that suits your company and brand, input your contact information and branding style.

Having a business card to match your style, company and branding is hugely important as it helps potential clients remember you, and your profession and service. No need for photoshop software or a graphic designer. Designing your own modern business card with Design Wizard gives your full control.

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Card Design Guide

A few common mistakes to avoid when designing your business card:

Make sure you include all the important information. While it might be tempting to go extremely minimal, and include only a few details, make sure you give the reader everything they need to know about you and how to contact you. These could be, but not limited to the following:

Your company name: No need to go too much into this, but make sure to include the name of your business name.

Your name: Make sure to include your full name if it's relevant to the service or product your provide. Obviously, if you are going for a more generic card for your entire company, leave this part out.

Your company logo: Having your company logo clearly visible is crucial. This should immediately grab the persons attention and make the associate the business card with your brand and company.

Your company tagline: Providing this isn't too long (which it shouldn't be) having a tagline accompanying your logo is a great way to give additional information as to what your company does. It's your brand message and should represent who you are and what you can do.

Information about your service: any additional or key information about your service should be included if necessary. Perhaps your tagline says it all. If not, there is no harm in elaborating a little further elsewhere. Just make sure it doesn't clutter your business card.

A contact email: Make sure to include a relevant up to date contact email that is checked regularly.

Phone number: Including your phone number is mostly pretty standard on business cards. 

Address: You may or may not need to include your address on your business card depending on your business. If it's a local business with a physical location, most definitely include your address, if not, it's up to you. Think about the benefits of having it vs. the cons of not having it. If there are no cons of not having your address on your card, leave it out. Less is more, and the less cluttered your business card appears, while maintaining all important information, the better.

Proper branding: Ensure your branding is consistent throughout. What font do you use on your website? What font do you use in your logo and tagline? Are they consistent across all social media and website platforms? If not, they should be. Your business card is no different. Try and have your typography, company logo, design styles, and color schemes consistent throughout.

Usually, simple typography works best on business cards, but this completely depends on your brand. The font style and choice for a tech company may be completely different from that of an artist, or creative company, so choose your typography carefully and in-line with your branding and style. 

Make sure your business card is a good size for a business card also.

Your Business Card Design 

Modern business cards usually present themselves in a very clear and concise manner. Whether it's a stylish minimalism or something a little more interesting, our business card templates can help you on your way to the perfect modern business card. Present your contact details with a modern, clean design, choose your background, and make sure your unique business card looks exactly the way you want it too.

Avoid these common mistakes on business card design:

  • Outdated information. 
  • Typos and misprints.
  • Tiny or unreadable print. 
  • No value proposition. 
  • Too much visual clutter. 
  • Poor-quality paper.