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Brainstorm Your Projects With Mind Maps

Over the past few years, the role of creativity has become a crucial component in achieving professional and personal success. New technologies like social media have served to showcase the ingenuity, talent and jaw-dropping creativity harnessed by people from all corners of the globe. But the process of generating ideas – original ideas – is not an easy one to master. Mind maps are a brilliant and fun method of brainstorming which provokes ideas, regardless of the project or subject.   

Bring Your Ideas To Life

The magic of a mind map is that the information is visually presented in a similar way to how the human brain works. The structure is both creative and logical and as a consequence, it appeals to all types of thinkers. Mind maps are a way to stockpile ideas, problem-solve, strategize and study. With Design Wizard, the creative possibilities and various styles of mind maps are endless. (They also look like trees, and trees are awesome.)


The Benefits of Mind Maps

Mind maps give structure to your thoughts and ideas without having to put them in any specific order.The most effective and memorable mind maps are those which contain a mixture of visuals and words. This approach encourages you to make connections with even more concepts and topics. Design Wizard has a comprehensive (and growing!) library of templates, images and font options to inspire. Just search, save, drag and drop to create a mind map!

The Core of the Issue

The main theme is generally represented by a central word or image and all other information will flow from this starting point. (Of course, feel free to experiment with breaking mind map tradition and position the core theme elsewhere but placing it in the middle seems to make the best use of space.

The theme can be represented by text – simply by its title – or by adding a core image. Choosing a relevant, even literal image is effective because it triggers further associations. A simple example would be to use a shiny green apple as the central image on a mind map about healthy living. Depending on the look you want to achieve you can use photographs, graphics or illustrations, we have over a million to choose from when you create a mind map!

Branching Off The key themes of the mind map are represented by branches that stem from the core. This design layout allows you to add more themes as your associations and insights develop. Keywords can be placed alongside the branches or contained in shapes or frames.

The branches, of course, don’t necessarily have to be branches – try out things like arrows and lines or play around with unexpected designs like footprints and paint splashes and filigree. Whether your mind map ends up wonderfully random or more reserved is down to the subject,  but regardless of style, color coding the key themes is a handy way to visually distinguish each topic from the other. Bright, uplifting colors also trick us into thinking boring information is more interesting than it is.

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