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Ready to take your Instagram account to the next level with editable Instagram templates? Or are you looking for a way to boost your Instagram post views?

Our Instagram post templates are a great starting point, and are designed to help your Instagram post stand out.

Whether it's photography, blogging, business, or just for fun, our post templates allow you to give your account that extra bit of design and style. Simply choose a post template and edit it in our easy-to-use online editor. Download, and share with the world.

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Making engaging posts with Instagram Templates

Our cool templates are intended to give your social media that extra edge and bit of engagement. Turning your Instagram post template into a unique post is important when you want to grab the attention of your Instagram followers.

How to use an editable Instagram post template 

Browse our selection of Instagram templates to find one that suits your channel, brand style, or photograph. Easily edit the color, text, and size of the elements to make it a beautiful post without the need for complicated photoshop or illustrator software. Our online graphic design software makes it easy for anyone to edit our templates. Once you've chosen a template from our lovely selection of ready-made instagram templates, simply click, drag, and drop elements of your post to make it your own.  

Choose the color of the elements and shapes within your template to suit that of your brand, or accompanying photograph. Get as detailed as you want by placing your text where you want, select your font style, choose your font size, and font color. Feel free to make it an Instagram quote post, informational post, or simply a cool design for your audience to admire. The choice is yours.

Increasing your Instagram post views

Like all Design Wizard's social media post templates, our Instagram post templates are professionally designed and customizable to help you create that perfect post. We are sure you will find something from our wonderful selection. Once you are happy with how your edited template looks, simply download it from Design wizard and share it with the world of Instagram. Giving it that extra stylish design will increase its chances of receiving more engagement and views within your Instagram following.