Fortnite Thumbnail Maker: Make Your Streaming Channel Stand Out!

You take your video gaming seriously. And so do we. Which is why our Design Wizard team has created some amazing thumbnails for showcasing your Fortnite feats! You can customize most aspects of your Fortnite thumbnail to ensure that it really is reflective of your video gaming spirit and style! Our templates accommodate any gamer's needs. Design, edit and upload...That's all there is to it. You’ve worked hard to achieve Fortnite success—now it’s time to create and design a thumbnail using our Fortnite thumbnail maker that really gets you noticed.

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Design a Thumbnail for Your Fortnite Channel on YouTube or Twitch

Why use standard thumbnails that blend in with the background? With creative images, graphics and even a specialized video gaming font, Design Wizard’s dashboard makes it so that your Fortnite adventures are sure to get noticed on your streaming channels. Creating your own Fortnite thumbnails is incredibly easy to do. Just follow the steps below using our intuitive tools.

Step 1: Scroll through our library of Fortnite based templates and design elements. And keep in mind, our templates go beyond just Fortnite. For classic and even vintage video games, we give you the ability to design any kind of thumbnails with our easy-to-use video profile/thumbnail creator. When you find your perfect thumbnail image simply click on it to get started.

Step 2: Customize your Fortnite thumbnail. Again, Design Wizard’s Fortnite thumbnail maker allows you to really make this thumbnail your own. From character choice, to the background screen, to the text and font style you want, go ahead and have fun with your video gaming design.

Step 3: Personalize your thumbnail template for your YouTube channel. Beyond customizing certain elements of your thumbnail, you can also upload any photos or images that you think will help make your Fortnite calling card totally unique. Upload a specific image, your own font style, a text image, whatever you want as our free tools make it easy! 

Step 4: Download your Fortnite thumbnail and share. This is about gaining exposure and followers for your social media, YouTube and Twitch channels. Fortnite gamers around the globe are vying for followers and their audience share. Don’t you think an eye-catching and intriguing thumbnail would go a long way toward getting more YouTube (etc.) subscribers for your video gaming channel? Our templates really do make a difference. And using our thumbnail maker, you are bound to create something stunning. Just click on save and then download--it really is that simple.

Fortnite Thumbnails: A Video Gamer’s Dream Come True

Design Wizard’s free arsenal of tools that you can use to design and edit are changing the Fortnite game for so many! You no longer have to go with a generic thumbnail or something unremarkable. We give you the power, with a simple click, to start creating something special starting with our professionally designed Fortnite based templates. Anyone can get started and anyone can design something phenomenal for their video gaming platforms.

A Thumbnail Maker That is So Simple to Use

We guarantee you will have a blast choosing the elements in your Fortnite inspired design. Our thumbnail maker lets you go big, bold and heavy with colors and font styles. Or you could keep it more on the fun and whimsical side with vintage video game elements and icons. Just choose a free template, select an image and get ready to customize your Fortnite thumbnail. You might even start with a screen shot or a more personal image of your choosing. It really is up to you how you want your finalized Fortnite thumbnail or thumbnails to ultimately look!

Our Fortnite Maker Lets You Find the Perfect Template 

Because the number of free thumbnails in our library is so extensive when it comes to Fortnite themes and elements, you won't have any trouble finding thumbnails that complement your video gaming style and philosophy. Identify the perfect Fortnite thumbnail, click on it and get started. Use catchy text and captions to really draw some attention to your Fortnite play! Create something using Design Wizard's thumbnail maker that is truly YouTube worthy.

Create an Amazing YouTube Channel Design 

Think of how many Fortnite gamers are out there streaming at any given time. Do your Fortnite thumbnails match up? If not, then it is probably time to take things up a notch with our thumbnail maker. We have the perfect free template for you to design. What are you waiting for!