Event Program Templates 

Choose any event program template to create the perfect program for your important event that's coming up.  Our event program templates are professionally designed and easy to edit. Simply browse our wide selection of template options to find one that suits the type of event being organized, and edit to make it uniquely yours.

There is no need for experience using complicated design programs or photoshop software. Our online editor allows you to come up with your very own event program design. No previous graphic design experience is needed.

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Templates for your event

Whether you are editing a program template for a family event program, church program,  or designing a concert program, our templates are fully customizable meaning you can choose one that suits your event type, and edit it with our easy-to-use design tool to make it the perfect event itinerary.

What to include in your event program? 

You want your event program to display all the important information clearly and concisely. Start by making a list of all the most important information anyone attending the event needs to know. Discuss the event program with your event planner. Start with the listing most important information first and create a program outline around that.

Important elements of an event program: 

- Your event name, date, start time, and location.

- Information about what the event is about. This could include the event schedule, the locations of individual shows or performers, or the start time of the ceremony or birthday party, or whatever your event is about.  

- If relevant, make sure to include your branding, social media handles, and web address.

Easy to use program template designs

Our design templates have specific sections for this information, and can be two sided to fit extra information on your event program. Our online tool makes it easy for you to use the program templates to simply place all the important information you need the event guests to be aware of. 

If you simply want to use the templates to create an event schedule template, you can edit it to include nothing else but the schedule, highlighting exactly what you want and nothing else.