Professional Beer Label Templates

A stellar craft brew or even home brew for that matter deserves a killer beer label template. Craft breweries and their beers have become something of a rage in the past few years. One of the most interesting components—besides the beer itself—is the bottle labels. Beer bottle design helps your craft brew stand out. What do people see first? The label of course. And if you are not a graphic design or Photoshop expert, creating an original and eye-catching label can seem a daunting task. Which is precisely why starting with a beer label template makes perfect sense.

Design templates make quick work of your beer label project while giving you the flexibility to customize and make it all your own! Our professional graphic design experts provide stunning and unique templates that let you take your beer bottle to a whole other level. It is all about attracting attention and making a splash after all. This is the only online label maker you will need to professionally band your beer.

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What is Your Craft Beer Personality?

Yes, a beer bottle label maker should be one that lets you express your brew’s personality. And even if it is your own passion project by way of a home brew, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some fun with the label design.

Some craft brew’s for instance will use quirky characters as part of their overall bottle label design scheme. Some have fun with font types and lettering styles. Others opt to go with a more traditional bottle label approach, recalling those established beer brands. The great thing about our extensive graphic design template library, you can customize numerous elements. So pick which best suits your beer brand and transform it into a truly personal statement.

Branding Your Beer with a Professional Bottle Label

If you are in the craft beer biz, then your brand is going to be pretty important. What better way to establish that brand than by reinforcing certain aspects of it in terms of your bottle label design. With Design Wizard’s online label maker, you can add a company logo. You might even add a photo or some original artwork if that complements your beer.

Think about colors and typography. How can you most effectively tie your brand scheme into the bottle labels and thereby keep everything consistent? You want consumers to spot your label design and instantly be able to identify it with your brand.

How to Create Your Beer Bottle Label

Our graphic design team has done the hard part for you…Now you get to have some fun with your beer label template. It is all about customization. No design or Photoshop experience required.

Choose a template that works with your brew

Beer connoisseurs understand that different brews have very distinctive flavors. You may have one craft beer that is lighter and therefore would work best with certain kinds of labels. While another beer might require something that has a bit more of a substantial feel. You could even go for a fun-themed label.

Beer label templates: What size should they be?

Standard shapes and sizes for labels tend to be either 2.75 x 4.25, 3.25 x 4 or 5 x 2 inches—this of course will be determined by bottle size. Design Wizard’s library accounts for all standard sizes. Take advantage of the size guide for labels.

Upload beer inspired photos, logos, and images to your beer label templates

Depending on what you’re going for with your label design, you might opt for a photo. You can also choose from our comprehensive library of stock images for your background image and customize to your liking. The possibilities here are endless.

Add wording to your label templates

This could include not only the name of the beer itself but also a description. You might say something about its origins, its appeal. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative.

Print for any beer bottle and share your beer labels

Simply download your beer bottle template design and that’s it…You can print from home. You might choose to send it to a professional printing service. In this case, you can easily share your labels online.

Why Do You Need a Unique Beer Bottle Label for Your Beer? 

When people go to buy beer, what is one of the first things they look at? Beer labels of course! Whether your beer label templates feature your logo, a colorful character, sleek text, you name it, consumers are going to be drawn to the labels. 

Design Wizard makes it super easy to create something dynamic and eye-catching whether you use roll labels or individual beer labels. Your labels really do define your brand. You can start to attract more attention to your special brew by creating unique and personality-driven templates to use for your labels. Add colorful graphics and photos. You really can design something spectacular!