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  • blog title starting an online business on a low budget a beginner's guide with a faded background of people sitting on a table using technology

    Starting an Online Business on a Low Budget | A Beginner’s Guide

    Are you dreaming of starting an online business and being your own boss? But you don’t know where to get started and how to get it off the ground on a low budget? We’ve got some strategies and techniques for you that don’t require big investments and help you build…
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  • How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio to Boost Your Following

    How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio to Boost Your Following

    Discover how you can turn your average Instagram bio into a top-performing profile for your personal brand or business. In the fast-paced and visual world of the social media platform, it takes creativity and personalization to stand out and show what’s unique about you.   You only get a small…
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  • "Understanding the Marketing Funnel" featured image

    Understanding the Marketing Funnel | 12 Ways to Engage Your Customers

    Understand the marketing funnel to improve your marketing strategy and engage customers with the right type of content throughout the stages of their journey towards conversion. Foster brand loyalty and advocacy and grow your business by creating campaigns that take customers beyond the funnel.   The marketing funnel essentially encompasses…
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  • How to edit an Instagram post

    How to Edit an Instagram Post After You’ve Posted

    So you have just posted an Instagram photo or video, but you suddenly realize something is off, or you’ve had a better idea for your catchy caption? You find yourself wondering “Can you edit photos on Instagram after you’ve posted?”. There are many reasons why you are wondering how to…
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  • Purple title

    How to Become an Influencer | A Step-by-Step Guide

    Learn how to become an influencer with our straightforward step-by-step guide. Find out what type of influencer you are to get started with a clear purpose and vision.   On the most basic level, all influencers are passionate people that create content around a certain topic. They’re experts in their…
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  • Black Desk as a Background and 'Developing a 360 Marketing Campaign'

    Developing a 360 Marketing Campaign | The Ultimate Guide

    Discover what exactly 360 marketing is and how you can leverage its power to grow your business. Efficient 360-degree marketing encompasses multiple channels to engage with your target audience at various touchpoints in their buyer’s journey.   The holistic view of this type of marketing maximizes the opportunities through the…
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  • Featured Image

    15 Social Media Trends to Jump On in 2022

    Check out our predictions for upcoming social media trends in 2022 and find out how you can leverage this information to help your business grow.  The fast-paced social media world is constantly in flux with new trends emerging almost every other week. Businesses and marketers have to be able to…
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  • 25 Effective Instagram Story Ideas to Increase Engagement

    25 Effective Instagram Story Ideas Looking for some decent Instagram story ideas to take your account to the next level?  get While traditional Instagram posts are still pretty popular and effective, more and more brands are utilizing Instagram story. Why the rather dramatic shift to Instagram stories? Quite simply, Instagram…
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  • How to Promote Your Blog in 2021: We Asked the Experts

    You’ve spent time and energy writing that perfect blog post. Both engaging and informative, the piece is a shining example of what good blog writing is all about and you consequently can’t wait until your audience reads and engages with your post. And therein lies what is perhaps the most…
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  • The Perfect YouTube Thumbnail Size (+Templates)

    How Big Is A Youtube Thumbnail? If you're asking what the ideas youtube thumbnail size is, you're probably scanning the web wondering, "How can I increase my Youtube views and subscribers?"  Most likely you've come to understand that Youtube thumbnails can work magic on increasing your video clicks, engagement, and,…
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  • 25 Best Facebook Tools For 2021

    Edit in Design Wizard Facebook - The king of social media Facebook still reigns supreme in the world of social media. With over 2.3 million monthly active users, it is still a major source of traffic and brand engagement for businesses all over the world.  There are tons of different…
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  • How To Make Money on YouTube in 2021

    Making Money On YouTube in 2021 With nearly two billion users monthly, YouTube is increasingly becoming a viable option for many looking to make money online by uploading video content in the hopes of acquiring a healthy following. That said, many aspiring YouTuber approach their YouTube dreams with an unrealistic…
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  • Guitar and Bass players perform music at concert venue

    7 Brilliant Music Marketing Ideas to Get Your Music Out There

    Music Marketing Is More Important Than Ever Musicians worldwide have been hit hard by 2020's lockdowns and restrictions. An increasing amount of musicians are being forced online to survive in these difficult times. Thankfully, musicians now have more tools than ever before to publicize their music. Organic and paid music…
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  • Social Media Branding: The Ultimate Guide

    Social Media Branding Your marketing plan should without question have a comprehensive social media branding component. Generating brand awareness and getting your message across to your target audience is becoming more and more about your ability to integrate a social media strategy. And not just any social media strategy, but…
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  • How to create a Facebook Business Page Set Up Guide

    How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 6 Easy Steps

    Creating a Facebook business page Trying to figure out how to create a Facebook business page the right way? Or are you thinking “why should my business have a Facebook page anyway?”  The real question is, if you don’t already have a Facebook page, why not? According to a recent…
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  • How to Make Money on Instagram in 2021

    How to Make Money on Instagram in 2021

    Social media that works for you. With over a billion users and counting, Instagram is definitely a force to be reckoned with. In fact, as the popularity of this particular platform has grown exponentially within the past 5 years especially, an increasing number of people are using Instagram for more…
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  • 20 Top Marketers Share Their Best Social Media Campaigns

    20 Top Marketers Share Their Best Social Media Campaigns

    The best marketers let us in on their secrets... Anyone who’s ever tried to generate leads through social media campaigns knows how tough it can be. There are so many factors to take into consideration.   The launch, the platform, content, SEO, social media marketing tools, your budget. The list…
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  • LinkedIn Advertising Vs Facebook Advertising

    How to select the right social media advertising platform for your business When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook has been a long established leader in this domain. Until recently, if LinkedIn advertising was to go head-to-head with Facebook advertising it wouldn't much of a fight! But now it's…
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  • Blog Image 101 – The most effective image tips to help your post stand out

    Bring your blog to life with engaging blog images Before we go through everything you need to know about blog images, it’s worth taking a look at a brief history of blogging. Blogging began to gain popularity during the early noughties and truly exploded with the rise of content marketing.…
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