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    How Is the Rule of Thirds Used in Design | Tips & Templates

    Understand how the rule of thirds is used in design to create designs that are naturally pleasing to the eye. The rule of thirds provides a framework that helps you with the composition of your designs. Graphic designers, artists, and photographers rely on this principle that offers direction on structure,…
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  • Visual Hierarchy In Design | A Designer’s Guide

    What is the hierarchy in design? Understanding the visual hierarchy in design can put more of a structure on your design process, essentially leading to better design. People are visual creatures. When looking at a web page, a piece of marketing material, an ad, or anything design-related, their eyes gravitate…
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  • Climber on rockface golden ratio in design

    The Golden Ratio in Design

    The Golden Ratio - God’s Fingerprints Even if you don’t think you know what the Golden Ratio is, you probably do. Nicknamed ‘God’s Fingerprints’, it appears throughout the natural world - in shells, storms, flowers, and leaves. The Golden Ratio in nature is one of the most fascinating things you’ll…
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