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  • The 100 Best YouTube Video Ideas for Getting More Views - 2019

    101 YouTube Video Ideas to Guide Your Creativity and Inspiration

    YouTube Video Ideas for 2021 YouTube Video Ideas is something a lot of business and YouTubers have been thinking about recently. Whether you are looking at how to start a YouTube channel or simply looking to get some fresh ideas, this post will give you some great inspiration. With lockdowns happening globally,…

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  • Understanding Color Theory

    What is color theory? Color theory is a set of rules that combines creativity and science. Color theory sets the fundamental guidelines around color combinations and harmony. Designers and artists rely on color theory to make the correct choices for their projects but they are not the only ones who…
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  • ultra=violet-text

    Ultra Violet, Ultra Cool

    Every December, The Pantone Colour Institute announces the upcoming year’s most influential color. And, after much anticipation, it has finally been announced.   The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet – a brilliant, vivid and intense shade of purple. When it comes to design experts holding…

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