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I hope this story of the recent hackathon at Design Wizard inspires you to take the plunge. A hackathon is an incubator for new product ideas, it can also have a significant cultural effect within your organisation – awakening an experimentative and innovative mindset.
At our most recent hackathon in Design Wizard HQ, our engineering and marketing teams joined forces for a fun and intensive 24 hour hackathon. The end results exceeded my wildest expectations – by the end of the day all of the product idea’s were fully functional and we plan release them to the market as soon as possible. I’d love to tell you more about the exciting features but I’m gonna keep a lid on it until they are shipped!
Hackathons or hackdays are a breeding ground for fresh ideas and product innovations, for example Facebook’s ‘Like Button’ And Timeline were both born from hackdays. But you don’t need to be a large corporation like Facebook to discover your next killer feature.
Whether you’re a startup or an established product company, an internal hackathon is a great way to foster innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in your company. A hackathon is a concentrated event which usually runs for 24-48 hours in which engineers and creatives come together in teams to design, build and demonstrate a new feature or product.

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