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    How Is the Rule of Thirds Used in Design | Tips & Templates

    Understand how the rule of thirds is used in design to create designs that are naturally pleasing to the eye. The rule of thirds provides a framework that helps you with the composition of your designs. Graphic designers, artists, and photographers rely on this principle that offers direction on structure,…
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  • 11 Elements of Design and How to Use Them

    Elements of design are the parts of your work of art that you arrange and craft to create visually pleasing designs. It’s important to be aware of how these basic principles work together to find your way towards stunning designs more easily.  Use elements of design principles to guide you…
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  • Visual Hierarchy In Design | A Designer’s Guide

    What is the hierarchy in design? Understanding the visual hierarchy in design can put more of a structure on your design process, essentially leading to better design. People are visual creatures. When looking at a web page, a piece of marketing material, an ad, or anything design-related, their eyes gravitate…
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