In 2019, Facebook managed to be the king of social media platforms. Facebook posts boosted engagement and helped brands promote their growth beyond measure.

With the number of active users worldwide reaching 2.4 billion. Facebook can give you access to a massive audience to share your content with, be it blogs, photographs videos, or updates. People on Facebook use the network to communicate with their friends, but who also ‘like’ their favorite brands and hope to learn something new.

Statistic chart of Facebook Users 2019

Whether you have a small business or a big enterprise, Facebook is a powerful tool to build relationships with your audience. You will also increase traffic with Facebook ads and turn your users into your loyal supporters in the most cost-effective way. Read more here about the correct Facebook ad size and specs.


Let’s jump right in and take a look at some of the best posts on Facebook from 2019.

The Top 10 Facebook Posts of 2019 you can use for your 2020 inspiration 


1. Starbucks’ Holiday Magic 

Targeting big holidays like Christmas can give you the opportunity to reach your audience and meet their holiday expectations. This can be done with a beautiful post that will incentivize your audience to engage with it.

For Starbucks, the holiday season offers the chance to introduce their new snowman cake pops in a creative and entertaining way. The post landed a great number of likes, comments, and shares.


Starbucks uses a short video to demonstrate its seasonal product without being salesy or too promotional.

Starbucks December Facebook Post

Why you need it: Posts like this manage to capture the holiday essence, satisfy social media users’ need for creativity and innovation and connect the holiday magic to a delicious snowman-shaped cake pop that everyone wants to enjoy.

2. Morphe’s Meet and Greet Special Event 

One of the best ways to show your social media users that you value them is to organize specific events that will give them amazing rewards.

Hosting real-life events can break the impersonal, digital-only interaction between brands and customers. They also give you more loyal and engaged customers who will support your brand unconditionally.


Morphe do this by hosting an amazing meet and greet event to promote their new collaboration. It was one of the best Facebook posts to promote the new product on social media and sell in person.

Morphe Facebook Post

Why you need it: Posting this type of content will not only help you increase the number of attendees, but also give you the opportunity to increase your brand awareness through the attendees’ user-generated content. Read more on popular trends for social media by downloading our Free ebook!

3. Microsoft’s Interactive Map 

While making a simple post is easy, making a post that will awe users can be a bit difficult.

If you think about it, your users come across numerous posts from numerous brands every time they check their feed.

To avoid getting scrolled past, you have to create a post that will pique their interest and make them interact with it no matter what.


Creating an interactive post is one of the best Facebook post ideas you can use and your key to winning more loyal followers and subscribers.

Microsoft, for instance, has some of the best Facebook posts out there. They combine their products’ capabilities and creativity to deliver an amazing experience their users don’t want to miss out on.

Microsoft Facebook post

With this post, Microsoft demonstrates the capabilities of its product by stunning its audience with augmented reality. Using AR to overlay digital images in the real world.


However, what makes this one of the best Facebook posts is that it allows users to use their mouse and explore the map of Mont-Saint-Michel with a click.


Why you need it: As interactive posts will never cease to amaze consumers. Creating high-engaging content using amazing Facebook tools like Design Wizard will help you intrigue your users and boost your Facebook presence.

4. Tone It Up’s Motivational Message

Inspirational posts are very popular with Facebook users, many of whom share them with their peers.

So, since they are the best Facebook posts to drive more engagement, you should consider making them a part of your social media marketing strategy and show your users that you care about them.


While you can use ready-made quotes from famous sources, getting your own team to create the perfect inspirational post can be a piece of cake.

Here’ s Tone It Up’s example:

Tone it up Facebook Post

Why you need it: Inspiring your audience and showing a more authentic side to your branding will help you bring your users closer and create unique relationships that will also help you nurture your leads better.

5. Tesla’s User Feedback

Sometimes the best Facebook posts are the simplest one.

This is the case for Tesla’s recent post that, despite the four-word caption and the lack of any interactive elements, managed to get over 9.1K likes and 5.5K comments in no time at all.


What makes this one of the best Facebook posts on our list is that it relies on a natural interaction. Humans love to express their opinions about different things.

So ask for feedback when you show your users something new and ask for their opinion. It only takes a few moments before they start interacting with your posts:

Tesla Facebook Post

Why you need it: Giving your social media users the chance to express their opinion about your products will give your existing users the chance to be part of your brand.  Allow your new visitors to see authentic opinions and engage with you.

6. Glossier’s Pop Culture Reference

It’s a fact that social media users love pop culture references and hilarious memes that will entertain them.

Getting aboard the pop culture ship, though, requires you to find the perfect images that will get your point across in the most entertaining way.


While posts like these might not directly contribute to your sales, posting them can give you fresh content that will make your users interact with you and share your post with their peers.

Glossier leverages the popularity of the TV series “The Mandalorian” to deliver one of the best Facebook posts on our list:

Glossier Facebook Post

Why you need it: Such posts will give you the chance to be part of emerging trends and entertain your followers, but will also enable deliver an unexpected post and give them a reason to talk about you for a while.

7. Betty Crocker’s Expert Cooking Tip

While social media users like your promotional content, special offers, and discounts; nothing can beat the power of educational content.

As customer loyalty is one of your main concerns, neglecting to give your audience content will not end well.


Provide something that will help them learn something new and will improve your chances of nurturing them into loyal supporters.

Your brand needs to give people an incentive to love your own brand.


Since Betty Crocker is famous for its recipes and food products, giving insightful tips is the best thing to get its recipe-loving audience to click and interact with its post.


Here’s how Betty Crocker’s post does it:

Betty Crockers Facebook Post

Why you need it: Whether you have a successful business or you are about to start an online store from scratch, sharing useful tips and educating your audience can help you increase your engagement.  It will also give your users amazing tips and tricks to master your products and enjoy the benefits.

8. Patagonia’s Emotional Storytelling

Storytelling is a technique that falls under the broader term of emotional branding and is a force that can shape a simple product into an experience that customers will relate to.

As consumers’ love for storytelling keeps growing you need to incorporate it into your strategy. Making it the main point of focus will help you increase your engagement through the story-driven content that impacts your story-loving consumers.


While telling a story through text can do the trick, when you combine it with visual storytelling you can take it to the next level and create one of the best Facebook posts to skyrocket your engagement.

Here’s Patagonia’s example:

Patagonia Facebook Post

Why you need it: Making your products the participants instead of the protagonists of your story-driven posts is the only way to engage more users who will see your story as a genuine attempt to pass on a meaningful message rather than a promotion.

Also, if you want to take it a step further, being featured in social media influencers’ posts and becoming part of their stories can be your ultimate tactic to skyrocket engagement and traffic.

9. Dollar Shave Club’s Mystery Product 

Teasing your audience with a sneak peek of an upcoming product can create what we call “hype” and later boost the posts that will have the actual reveal of the product.

Such posts will give you the opportunity to deliver CTAs your users will click on out of excitement and curiosity about the upcoming product.


Dollar Shave Club, for instance, has the perfect “mysterious” Facebook post:

Dollar Shave Club Post

Why you need it: Having posts that will pique your users’ interest and curiosity will give you more likes and even make your audience watch your page closely to unravel your big new product mystery first.

10. EM Cosmetics’ Customer Review Post

Since we live in an era where scams and fraudulent products are on the rise, consumers need to be sure that the products they are going to buy won’t be complete rip-offs.

To save the day, social proof comes in to help you give credibility to your brand, minimizing buyer uncertainty and increasing the likelihood of engaging with your business and products.


Here’s how EM Cosmetics powers up its Facebook marketing endeavors:

EM Cosmetic Facebook Post

Why you need it: Since consumer reviews are the ultimate weapon to increase your sales, using them as part of your social media marketing will help you boost your customer lifecycle marketing attempts and increase your overall user engagement.

The Advantages of Making Great Facebook Posts


1. Increase Traffic

When you create a Facebook post, you always have to plan how it will help you drive more traffic to your website.


The easiest way to achieve it is you come up with incredible posts, either organic or paid. Then link them to the page you want to draw your social media users’ attention to.


If you want to create a landing page that will convert your social media followers, you need a plan. You should try to make it as close to your Facebook post as possible. Do this by offering continuity instead of delivering a completely different experience.


Also, using tools like an amazing landing page builder and a social media scheduling platform will help. It will help you to minimize the time spent creating your pages and posting your content. This also gives you extra time to focus on more pressing matters that demand your attention.


2. Build Brand Loyalty

Loyalty plays a major role in customer retention and increasing your profit.


As acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining your existing ones, focusing on increasing their loyalty is something that can help revenue. For instance, eCommerce store owners increase their average order value (AOV) and SaaS companies combat MRR churn.


Showing them only salesy posts will be a major deal-breaker for your brand image, so the best way to avoid that is to think outside the promotional box and give something back to your users that will make them appreciate you.


3. Identify User Needs

Not every post will give you the same amount of likes, shares, and comments. However, that’s not a bad thing as it will help you create user-profiles and help you target them better.


Monitoring engagement through a powerful tool like Facebook Insights will allow you to track likes, page views and reach. This will allow you to see what type of content you should start using more.


Also, leveraging social listening will give you the opportunity to see what your users say about you. Knowing your brand feedback on Facebook can help you optimize your social media strategy.



When you get yourself into the world of social media marketing, Facebook can be a precious ally to help you reach your audience.

To do so, though, you need to come up with the best Facebook posts that will encourage your social media followers to interact with them.

Taking a look at some of the best posts of 2019 will not only help you identify what social media users want to see, but also fuel your inspiration for 2020.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself inspired and get ready to rock your business.

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