The end of the year is fast approaching and that means it is time to think about rolling out your Black Friday ads. The numbers don’t lie—Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday are among the most profitable shopping days of the year for businesses. That said, it is important to create a dynamic ad that will get customers to pull the trigger and buy–whether instore or through your site or app. Now is the time to get creative with your marketing and ad strategy. Especially given the year we’ve had, having some fun with your promos certainly can’t hurt. It’s about getting people in the holiday spirit while boosting your sales numbers.

Black Friday: Some History

The day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is when stores and various companies markdown items as people go out in droves to get a jump on Christmas and holiday purchases. Since its beginnings, this particular day has grown into a holiday of its own in some ways. It is both an online and offline extravaganza for stores and shoppers alike.


More recently it has been followed up now by Small Business Saturday and then of course there is Cyber Monday, which is growing by leaps and bounds in its own rite. Black Friday deals can mean quite a cost savings for shoppers. Some stores will slash prices by as much as fifty percent or more. Some will offer free shipping. Depending on how good the Black Friday deal, there have been known to be incredibly long lines to get into some of these businesses. Electronics are often the most highly sought after Black Friday items.


Last year, Black Friday sales numbers were up over 7 billion. In recent years, it has become something of a global phenomenon. And that is precisely why it is so important to make sure that those ads are eye-catching. Thousands of companies are competing for their share of the holiday season market. What will your ad do to stand out? How will you one-up the Black Friday competition? Below are a few examples of truly inspirational Black Friday ads as well as strategies that have proven to work pretty well for companies throughout the years.

Creative Video Black Friday Ads

Creating engaging and multidimensional ads is critical during this time of year—at least if you want to have measurable sales come Black Friday. Especially as eCommerce is so pervasive, video can work well to this end. Video is by far the most visual and interactive form of advertising. Create an ad that entertains and consequently sticks in people’s heads, and you never know, you might even go viral.

Amazon Black Friday Promo

What could be more outside the box than, well, boxes? In this ad, Amazon is showcasing the ease and convenience they offer customers. And they are doing so in an incredibly fun and engaging way.

The holiday season can be stressful, and that’s an understatement. Rushing around on Black Friday is just not everyone’s cup of tea. This is the point Amazon is making here and they do it in a pretty unique way.

Verizon Black Friday Ad

Santa is certainly iconic. Having a little fun with jolly old Saint Nick in their Black Friday ad, Verizon not only elicits laughter but makes a strong impression. Using holiday characters and emblems is a great idea to help get customers in the spirit.

It doesn’t have to be an overly long ad either. At only 15 seconds, this Verizon ad definitely gets the job done and certainly proves memorable.

Walmart Black Friday Spot

You can’t say that Walmart didn’t have fun with this Black Friday ad. The music alone sets the tone as smiles and laughter abound in this video clip used across a few different social media channels.

Especially when designing an ad for social media, you want to ensure that people can relate. That is what the retail giant went for here—spotlighting a group of people, having fun, dancing, immersing themselves in

Aussiebum’s “Epic” Ad

They really went all out for this ad, and in a big way! By harkening major movie studios and the associated nostalgia, the Australian underwear brand makes a huge splash.

There is a nod to 20th Century Fox here, to Marvel and to Warner Brothers, all in one attention-grabbing advertisement. And that the music used plays on some of the more famous movie scores written, definitely helps draw users into the video.

Kohls Black Friday Ad

Back in 2011, YouTuber Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” seemed to be all the rage. Kohls managed to riff on this with their own “Black Friday” version. The result, well, a holiday-themed ad that many just could not get out of their head.

Using what’s trending, in your video ad could work to your advantage. You just want to make sure that it is done in a unique and clever way, so as to offer something new and fun to audiences.

Monat’s VIP Black Friday Ad

The beauty brand sought to capitalize on its best and most loyal customers in 2018. So while they did offer some standard discounts, for their VIP customers they made those discounts even more significant. This is actually a great strategy. You have a customer base, why not give them something and hopefully encourage them to buy more during the holiday season.

You can send them an email ahead of time. Create Black Friday ads to embed in the email. Current customers, numerous studies have found, do tend to spend more with a brand they have been buying from—especially during the holidays.

the luxury fashion design house.

Kate Spade and the Surprise Sale

Early bird specials can work well. Kate Spade emails out to their subscribers a surprise Black Friday sale. Think of it almost like a pop-up promotion. In fact, with this promotion, shoppers don’t even have to wait until Black Friday. The sale is a couple of days before. The same could also be done with Cyber Monday.

So they are capitalizing on people’s eagerness for the Black Friday /Cyber Monday event and at the same time offering that exclusivity factor.

The surprise campaign worked quite well for the luxury fashion design house.

Black Friday Ads and Strategy

Your overall Black Friday and Cyber Monday advertising strategy is important to keep in mind as well as the content and format. In other words, the crazy thing about this particular event is that it is so, well, crazy. Your ads can therefore follow suit. Your promotional approach can include anything from giving away a deal an hour to extending Black Friday specials for several days.




Black Friday Ad Strategy: Free Gift with Purchase

People love free stuff. You’re already discounting products in anticipation of Black Friday. Why not create an ad that promises not only deep discounts but also, upon purchase, a free gift? You can set a purchase limit, so for instance, if they spend 50.00, then they receive a gift. Have a promo code that they can use to this end to keep the process organized. 

The gift can range based on what you happen to sell. For example, let’s say you are a home goods store, your Black Friday ad can offer a free wall mirror or vase. It might just be a gift card they can use in the future. Or you can keep it mysterious, and not reveal what the gift is. This may even up the intrigue factor.

A Deal an Hour

This is one that tends toward a more fun approach. Especially if you happen to get higher traffic, this could be a great Black Friday promotion to get people in the door. Featuring a different deal per hour offers that element of surprise.

This might also work well for Cyber Monday specials. Create a banner for instance for your home/landing page that spotlights what is being discounted during that particular hour. Or one that promotes free shipping on various purchases. A promo code that unlocks that hours deal could be fun to integrate. And this certainly can extend to your social media platforms as well. There may be quite a few moving parts to this one in terms of managing the deal an hour promo, but in the end, it really could help amp up those sales.

Don’t End Your Sale

That is to say, extend it through the weekend, even through Cyber Monday. While yes, Black Friday was once upon a time something of a respected one-and-done day, there is more fluidity with it now. Especially as online sales are starting to outpace in-store sales, gearing your Black Friday ads to a block of days could be an attractive premise for shoppers.

Not to mention, with Thanksgiving directly preceding Black Friday, some people just don’t have the time to shop. Between hosting family, cooking dinner, engaging in typical Thanksgiving festivities, many are often too exhausted to Black Friday shop. So why not make it easier for them and run the same specials for a few days.



Use Your Black Friday Ad to Launch a Product

Introducing a new product with your Black Friday ads is a strategy that might just spell success. You can actually start this a few days prior to the big event. This way your Black Friday ads play out over a period of time, strategically designed to get people to come on in once Black Friday does arrive.

You might even make it a one-day exclusive. In this way, you create a sense of urgency. The fear of missing out is a very real thing. If people think an item is only going to be a Black Friday deal, they are probably going to be more apt to jump on it.

Offer a “Sneak Peak”

This is perhaps one of the most popular and widely used Black Friday (as well as Cyber Monday) ad strategies. You want to create hype around those deals. People will Google Black Friday specials well in advance. You therefore want to ensure that your ad content pops up and what’s more, it gives them that insider look at what is to come.

Your social media accounts are a great place to promote your ads and specials. Such ads can take the form of video, banners, more traditional style pieces, even GIFs. The more creative and eye-catching, the more likely that your followers will share them.

Maximizing Your Black Friday Ads

You put in the time and effort to create a dynamic ad campaign. Of course, you want to ensure that you are getting the most for your advertising buck. There are certain things you can do and steps you can take to help boost your chances of getting those ads seen and more importantly, getting consumers to respond as you want them to.



1.       Be Specific

What makes your brand unique? What can you offer that your competitors can’t? With your holiday season ads, you want to find that hook that differentiates your company. The best Black Friday ads don’t try and cover absolutely everything—they focus on what makes their brand a standout.

2.       Partner Up

Are there other businesses within your niche that you could team up with and offer a killer deal? You might work out some sort of joint shopping mega event. You could each work out different parts of the ad campaign. Especially for smaller brands, this could be a great way to have a bigger impact than you otherwise could.

3.       Considering Giving Back

Now more than ever, people want to work with companies they believe in, companies they feel good about. If your Black Friday ad campaign does in fact emphasize that there is a charitable component, your customers will appreciate this all the more. And those who aren’t yet a customer, may be more inclined to become one.

4.       Take to Social Media

You likely have followers already on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter among other channels. Why not reward them in some way for being so loyal to your brand? Via your different accounts offer a different deal per day to those who follow you. One day maybe a twenty-five percent discount. The next may be a free gift with purchase. This way, you might encourage them to spread the word and consequently help you extend your brand’s reach.

5.       Think Beyond Discounts

Yes, we all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are about offering customers discounts. But you might consider other strategies as well. Could you offer them points or credits toward future purchases? Free shipping maybe? Think outside the box. What else beyond discounting might you incorporate with your ad strategy to attract more customers?

Black Friday is one day when people are perhaps more willing to shop than during other times of the year. They are getting ready for the holidays, thinking about their loved ones, planning out the perfect gifts. Your Black Friday ads need to keep these things in mind. Take inspiration from some of the more memorable ads that have come before, but of course, always be true to the spirit of your brand!

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