Success starts with a great design 

Learn everything you need to know about creating designs that truly stand out from the crowd. Go from beginner to pro in no time at all with the beginner's guide to creating marketing graphics for business.

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1. Fundamental Principles Of Design

In this module you will learn everything you need to know about the fundamental principles of design. You'll see some examples of exemplary design and cover the different image format types. You'll learn about the key components of font matching, structuring text and using font sizes. You'll also learn how to choose images that fit with your design.

Meet your instructor

Claire O’Brien is the Marketing Manager at Design Wizard and has over ten years experience as a content creation specialist. Her areas of expertise include visual content, digital marketing, email marketing, social media and advertising.

Claire’s knowledge extends to technology, software, and digital trends ensuring she stays ahead of the curve. Claire is often a featured speaker at events such as conferences, webinars and live-streams.

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2. Color Theory

 In this module we will cover everything from basic color concepts and learn about color theory, we will also introduce you to the color wheel and show you how you can create your color pallette. Finally we will teach you about color trends and how you can use colors to give your designs a contemporary feel

3. Design For Social Media

 In this module you will begin to put the theory you learned in the previous modules into use when we introduce you to design for social media. You'll see examples of various concepts and ideas, as well as learning the key components of font matching, structuring text and using font sizes. You'll be led step by step through creating your first design, doing everything from choosing images to creating text overlay and anything else in between.

4. Design For Traditional Media

 In this section you will learn the design principles for traditional print media, looking at examples of marketing materials including posters/flyers, business cards and letterheads. You'll be introduced to print media design trends, see some amazing examples of designs that truly stand out. You'll also learn about the different file types and how to effectively communicate with printers and suppliers on how they can help bring your design to life


And after this course, you'll be a great designer

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