Leveling up your Youtube game?

Having a good-looking Youtube banner for your channel is an important element to your channel. This post gives you a number of Youtube channel ideas to take inspiration from, along with editable templates you can use to create your perfect Youtube banner.

The Importance of Creating an Engaging Banner

A visually appealing YouTube channel is an important part of attracting subscribers to the platform. If viewers click into your channel and like what they see, they’re more likely to stick around.

YouTube banners play a crucial role in how your channel is perceived. If you’ve got attractive channel art, it sets the tone for the rest of your channel’s appearance.

Choosing the Right Banner Template for YouTube

Every channel will have different requirements for its YouTube banners. Some channels might focus on the content and use regularly updated a  regularly updated banner to showcase when their next video will be released. 

Other channels may highlight the YouTuber who makes the videos in an attempt to promote their personal brand. Whichever type of YouTube banner you want to create, we’ve curated a list of templates that can be personalised to create an engaging design.

Health food Youtube banners

Brighten up your health and fitness YouTube channel with this tasty-looking food design.

If you specialise in creating meal plans and delicious recipes for your viewers, this could be the banner for you.

Fashion and Beauty Youtube Channel Art

Give your fashion and beauty YouTube channel an elegant look with a cover that shows what your videos are about.

If you do hair or makeup tutorials, this kind of design is perfect.

A Travel Themed template?

Share your love for travel and exploration with this extreme travel YouTube banner.

This design could really complement videos that show you traveling to unique or obscure destinations.

Music videos for Youtube

No matter what type of music channel you have, this design could be a great fit.

It could be a striking centrepiece for a channel about music lessons, new releases, covers etc.

Good Covers are Key

It’s important to hit the right note when coming up with YouTube banner idea.

This piano design is well-suited to lots of different music channels.

Youtube sport: Be on Your Game

With this Youtube banner you can create a great image to go with your sports channel.

You can regularly update it with new text to inform your fans of what’s coming next.

Show Your Personality on Youtube

Let your subscribers in on your personal life a little bit and share some information about yourself.

A template like this could be used for a channel that specialises in relationship tips.

Add Some Glitz and Glamour

Stand out from the crowd with a bright, sparkling design that catches the eye.

This particular creation would look great for a music channel.

Take Your Viewers on an Adventure

If you like to showcase interesting locations on your channel, this template could be a good addition.

You could swap out the background image to add your own destination.

Broaden your Horizons

Images of the Earth from space are uniquely captivating. It’s amazing to see what our planet looks like from up above.

You could use an image like this for all kinds of channels, including business, science and travel.

Face the Crowd

Sometimes it can a good idea to simply use your own face on your banner, especially if it’s for a beauty channel.

This template can be personalised to display your own image in minutes.

Get your Channel in Shape

Make your yoga channel look amazing with a customised fitness banner.

Add text that describes the type of content you create in minutes.

Photo-Based Channels

If photography is what you do, you’ll want to make it very clear to viewers on YouTube.

The best way to do this on your channel is with a striking photography-themed design.

YouTube Fitness Templates

A channel that focuses on documenting weight loss or providing diet tips is a great fit for this design.

It’s a simple, engaging image that will look great on your YouTube channel.

Sleek Overlays

If you want to get people watching your start up tips videos, grab their attention with a sleek overlay.

Images can often take on a more professional appearance when the right overlay is used.

Designs with Loud Text

Make sure your audience get your message by using bold, loud text in your design.

Change the colour of your text to a vibrant colour like pink, orange or red.

Impressive Tech Designs

Wow your audience of tech fans with an impressive personalised design.

If you have a tech channel, templates like this one can provide you with some great banner ideas.

Show Off Your Unique Skills

Give your viewers a glimpse of your unique skills with a YouTube banner that reflects what you have in store.

For example, this template could be used to show people your talents in a workshop.

Weed Out your YouTube channel

Gardening and nature are popular topics that your YouTube channel might be based around.

If so, take out the weeds that might be making your channel look bad and add an appealing banner like this.

Experiment with Light in Your Design

This tech guide banner shows an interesting use of light in its design.

Bright flashes permeate the composition and make it instantly more noticeable.

Professional Finance Youtube Covers

Impress your viewers with a finance template that’s a match for your economic insights.

The text can be easily edited and used to announce when your next video will be released.

Highlight Your Hairdressing Talents

When creating YouTube channel art for your hairdressing-themed channel, you should showcase some of your best hair styles.

This design places the model’s hair front and centre.

Grow your Food and Grow Your Channel

If you’re all about organic food, use your green hands to share some food tips with the world on YouTube.

This channel cover is perfect for displaying on a food-themed channel.

Creative Business Banners for Your Brand

Get creative with your business’ YouTube channel and add a banner worthy of your brand.

You could use bold, white text over your background to emphasise your message.

Different Shades of the Same Colour

Design an interesting Youtube banner  for your channel by utilising a few shades of the same colour.

Triangles meet at a central point in this image to create an eye-catching effect.

Relaxing Imagery

Welcome visitors with relaxing imagery in your Youtube banner that will convince them to subscribe to your channel.

You could add text to brand the image and promote your profile on other social platforms.

Geometric patterns

A geometric pattern can look superb as a YouTube banner for almost any type of channel.

In this design, the strong white text stands out against the azure background.

The Synergy Between Image and Text

When the image and text in your template work really well together, this will result in a superior design.

The navy text in this composition are perfectly aligned with the background and the message is one in the same.

Use Beautiful Food in Your Design

Your health food tutorials will look a lot more appealing if the food you’re displaying looks good.

Pineapple can be a fantastic centerpiece for your channel art design.

Polka dot YouTube Banner Template

Go down the rainbow route with a polka dot design that really stands out.

With a design like this, you’ll definitely catch the eye of visitors to your YouTube channel.

Use These YouTube Banner Ideas to Create Your Own

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, you can start creating your very own YouTube channel art.

Think hard about the way you want to represent your channel in the design and then use these ideas to make it happen.

Design Excellent Youtube Banners with Design Wizard

All of these templates are easily customisable in Design Wizard, so you don’t have to be an expert to create a design.


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