Rewatch some of your Christmas favourites

It’s a testament to the influence of Christmas ads that they continue to generate a huge amount of discussion every year. Coca-Cola were the pioneers of the Christmas ad as we know it, with their ‘Holidays are Coming’ campaign in 1995 becoming an instant hit.


Since then, the concept of the Christmas ad has only increased in volume and popularity. In the last decade, British department store John Lewis has become the king of festive ads, with a host of successful campaigns that focus on how love brings people together at Christmas. 

In this list of the 80 best Christmas ads: 2010-2019, we’ve picked out some of the most loved Christmas ad campaigns from the last 10 years.


There are some ads that focus on the funny things about Christmas, some which focus on the sad things and many which focus on the happy things. All of them however, are superb Christmas ads.



The 2010 edition of Coca-Cola’s Christmas ad completely embraced the spirit of the original ‘Holidays are Coming’ spot.

The iconic red trucks shine bright as they make their way through the countryside and into the city, as excited children and their parents look on.

John Lewis

The 2010 John Lewis ad uses the tagline, ‘for those who care about showing they care.’

It features a collection of people thoughtfully wrapping their Christmas presents for their loved ones.


McDonald’s do an alternative take on the drive thru here, showing customers singing Christmas carols instead of ordering food.

The ad encourages viewers to get into the festive spirit at McDonald’s and to try out their festive deluxe meal.


Tesco harks back to a Christmas of old in this ad as a father returns from the ’emporium’ with gifts for his children.

He hilariously describes what each present does, before waking up and realising it’s all been a dream.

Disney Cinemagic

Disney’s ad for their Cinemagic channel features a reel of Christmas scenes from some of their classic films.

The video is overlaid with falling snow throughout and the narrator urges you to bring some Disney Cinemagic into your home.


A family sit in front of their new Sony Bravia, amazed by the offer of getting their VAT back that is displayed on the screen.

The ad comes to a hilarious end when the couch falls backwards, sending the family with it.

Coca-Cola 2

Another one of Coca-Cola’s 2010 ads shows Santa Claus shaking a snow globe, which happens to contain a miniature town.

The shaking of the snow globe literally turns everyone’s world upside down, and when the dust settles, they are in a happier place.


Featuring Colleen Rooney, this ad from Littlewoods depicts a treasure hunt in a mansion of the same name.

Lots of different presents are discovered around the house in this celebration of the youthful enthusiasm that Christmas brings about.



This Guinness ad shows an idyllic Dublin city covered in snow. Despite the winter setting, viewers get a feeling of warmth from the video.

The ad ends with the clever tagline, “even at the home of the black stuff, they dream of a white one.”

John Lewis

In what is probably one of John Lewis’ most iconic ads, a boy is shown impatiently waiting for Christmas.

We are led to believe that he is waiting for his presents to arrive, but it turns out he really wants to give his parents a gift.

A serene cover of The Smith’s ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’ adds to the atmosphere.


O2’s 2011 Christmas campaign plays on their mantra that ‘together is better’.

Families and friends are shown reuniting as they prepare to enjoy Christmas together.


The X Factor finalists of 2011 feature in the Marks and Spencer Christmas ad.

The video cuts between people joyfully opening presents from their loved ones and the singers.

Kalev Chocolate

Estonian chocolate brand Kalev’s touching Christmas ad shows a young girl thoughtfully giving chocolate to her parents.

The chocolates are gift wrapped, encouraging viewers to give Kalev chocolate to their own family too.


Halford’s highlight the value and re-usability of their products with this clever commercial.

A young girl is shown screaming when she opens her new bike and she continues to enjoy her gift as the year goes on.

Sky Cinema

A man’s journey home to his family is continuously interrupted by famous film characters in this ad for Sky Cinema.

Some of these characters include Harry Potter, Clark Kent, Mary Poppins and Carol from Where the Wild Things Are.


In Littlewoods’ 2011 Christmas spot, children sing on stage for their parents, thanking them for the gifts they’ve been given.

It focuses on the some of the store’s popular toys, giving them more exposure and the increasing sales in the run up to Christmas.



The Argos aliens landed on Earth in this 2011 Christmas ad, where their Dad was overwhelmed by his ability to shop online.

The aliens proved to be extremely popular and returned to our screens in 2012 and 2013.


The star of the show in this ad is the adorable girl who wakes up to find Santa munching on a bowl of cornflakes.

The next morning, the cornflakes are all gone, highlighting to a viewer how delicious the cereal is.

TK Maxx

TK Maxx places their brand in the front of shoppers’ minds by advertising themselves as the best place to shop at Christmas.

A family is shown reuniting and bringing presents to each other that they have bought at TK Maxx.


Set to the tune of ‘The Christmas Song’ by The Raveonettes, this ad from Spar shows lots of Christmas trees in random places.

Spar lets viewers know that no matter where they are celebrating Christmas, they hope they have a happy one.

John Lewis

John Lewis struck gold again with a heartwarming story of one snowman’s love for his partner.

‘The Journey’ centres around the theme of ‘giving a little more love this Christmas’.


In this collection of ads, Tesco shows how ‘every little helps’ when it comes to Christmas.

Happy families are seen enjoying some of the products that Tesco have for sale.

Sky Cinema Italia

This ad from Sky Cinema Italia features the much-loved Robin Williams being remote-controlled by a child at Christmas.

The child eventually falls asleep, waking the next day to a Sky HD box.

Sky Cinema

Sky deliver another fantastic Christmas ad here with an alternative explanation to how their movie service works.

A young girl and her sister are the central characters and they describe the benefits of a Sky HD box in their own unique way.



Lidl show off some of their food products and wish everyone a happy Christmas in their 2013 Christmas spot.

A little girl prepares a meal for the arrival of Santa Claus, but when she opens the living room door, she finds he’s already there.


This ad is inspired by some of our favourite fairytales and films, including ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

A woman’s dog escapes down a manhole, and thus begins a surreal adventure.

TK Maxx

With the tagline ‘gifts as unique as them’, TK Maxx focus on the expressions people make when they receive a Christmas gift.

The ad is filmed in slow motion to emphasise the emotion on their faces.

John Lewis

Set to the tune of ‘Somewhere Only We Know’, this animated John Lewis ad tells the story of the bear and the hare.

When the bear goes into hibernation, the hare is left alone. However, a thoughtful Christmas present ends up saving the day.

Harvey Nichols

This witty ad shows people receiving unexpected gifts from their loves ones.

Such gifts would normally be derided, but because they are from Harvey Nichols, everyone is ok with them.


Sainsbury’s ‘Christmas in a Day’ is a compilation of real-life Christmas videos.

The clips are taken from a 50 minute documentary that tells the story of how Britain spends Christmas Day.

Google Nexus 7

A couple are preparing Christmas dinner for their family when their oven door explodes.

Luckily, Google comes to the rescue and they manage to barbecue the turkey instead.

3 Mobile

In a celebration of the ‘silly stuff’, 3 Mobile released an ad that shows a pony dancing frantically.

When a farmer arrives, the pony goes still, but as soon as he’s gone, the party resumes.



Set in Christmas 1914, this Sainsbury’s ad shows soldiers in the trenches during World War I.

As one British soldier receives a gift of chocolate, a chorus of ‘Silent Night’ breaks out from the German side.

The next day, the two sides take a break from fighting and play a game of football together.


Not everyone gets time off at Christmas and this Boots ad honours those who continue to work over the holidays.

A family wakes up in the middle of the night to surprise their mother, a nurse, who thinks she’s missed spending Christmas with them.


Online clothing store Very’s 2014 Christmas ad featured Fearne Cotton and co. in miniature form.

The mini figures make their way to the magazine on the table and jump onto it to take their place on the cover.


Video production company Anzara showed what they have to offer with this heartbreaking Christmas film.

A man counts down the days til Christmas and then he listens to tapes his deceased mother has left for him.

John Lewis

Monty the Penguin is the star of the show in the 2014 John Lewis ad.

A boy and his penguin play happily, until one day the penguin starts to become lonesome. To remedy this, the boy gets his penguin a companion.


Set in a stately home, a family continues to one-up each other, until the final present trumps them all.

Even though the woman in the ad has already received a portrait, a puppy and a unicorn, a Mulberry handbag is what she likes the most.


Families chat at the dinner table about how their relatives who can’t be there are spending Christmas. In most cases, it turns out that their guesses are wrong.

The ad ends with a cameo from TV presenter and pianist Jools Holland.


In this M&S ad, two fairies fly around a snowy city spreading the magic of Christmas.

They improve gifts, brighten up clothes and even bring potential lovers together.


John Lewis

John Lewis’ ‘Man on the Moon’ ad encourages viewers to ‘show someone they’re loved this Christmas’.

In the video, a young girl aims a telescope skyward and is shocked to find an elderly man living alone on the moon.


This powerful ad from German supermarket Edeka tells the story of an old man who spends Christmas alone every year.

To ensure his children come to visit him this Christmas, he decides to fake his own death.


The 2015 Sainsbury’s ad follows the misadventures of Mog the cat.

In the midst of a nightmare, Mog accidentally turns on the oven and destroys the family home.

However, the video ends on a positive note, as neighbours rally round to ensure that Christmas is not lost.


In this touching ad for Lenovo’s Yoga Tab 3 Pro, a young girl makes sure that a homeless man is not ignored at Christmas.

He crafts a toy horse for her, and in return, she projects a Christmas tree onto the wall beside where he sleeps.


Ifolor tugs on our heartstrings in this ad, where an elderly couple are shown together in the present and the past.

The tagline of the ad encourages us to make our greatest moments live forever by taking pictures.


The Publix Christmas ad shows 2 boys leaving something outside an elderly woman’s front door.

Initially we think they might be up to mischief, but it turns out they have left an invitation to Christmas dinner at their home.


When a young man travels away for Christmas, his little sister is heartbroken.

To make up for lost time, she turns her room into a winter paradise for his return.


In this ad, a courier delivers a teddy bear to Ballymena, but he accidentally lets it fall out of its box.

Luckily, the teddy bear comes to life and finds the child it was destined for.



Allegro’s Christmas ad shows a man intensively learning English in his native Poland.

Initially, we don’t know his motives, but we soon find out he’s learning the language so he can speak to his grandchildren in England.

Heathrow Airport

In this cute Christmas ad, 2 teddy bears arrive home at Heathrow Airport.

At the end of the ad, the teddy bears are shown to be a real-life grandfather and grandmother.


In this tear-jerking Christmas ad, a family unites at Christmas at the former home of their deceased grandmother.

When their grandfather sits down for dinner and spots an empty chair, he feels sad, but his granddaughter jumps into the chair and he’s cheered up.

Alzheimer’s Research UK

Alzheimer’s Research UK highlight the need for support of their cause with this fantastic Christmas ad.

In the video, titled ‘Santa Forgot’, Santa has Alzheimer’s disease and has forgotten to bring gifts to the children of the world.


Kevin the Carrot made his debut for Aldi in their 2016 Christmas ad.

Kevin wants to meet Santa when he arrives at his home, but he must evade some obstacles first.


This Wes Anderson directed short film features Adrien Brody as Conductor Ralph.

Directed in typical Anderson style, the film shows Ralph’s attempts to make up for extreme delays by hosting festivities on the train.


A humble robin dodges the many dangers that come its way on the journey to a mince pie that’s been left out for it.

When it reaches its destination, it’s greeted by another robin and they share the pie with each other.


Domhnall Glesson stars in a trailer for the fictitious film ‘The Tale of Thomas Burberry’.

In the trailer, he designs attire for British soldiers at war, Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to the Antarctic and a record-breaking pilot.



Narrated by Ewan McGregor, this ad tells the story of a boy trying to find a girl and a girl trying to find her shoe.

Their efforts appear fruitless, until one night, they bump into each other by accident.


21 years after M&M’s classic ‘He Does Exist!’ ad hit our screens, a sequel was aired.

After Santa faints, it’s up to the yellow M&M to save Christmas.

Hafod Hardware

On Christmas Eve, a delivery driver does his final rounds before the big day.

He arrives home and falls asleep before he can wrap any presents, but when he wakes up, he is relieved to find that Hafod Hardware has saved the day.


This ad tells the story of Finn, a small boy who lives in a shop counter, scanning items with his helmet.

Finn grows lonely when he sees everyone enjoying Christmas and longs for friends of his own.

Spanish National Lottery

Titled ‘Danielle’, this short film shows a man falling in love with a beautiful alien.

The two meet up regularly, but when their meeting place is closed down, it takes a winning lottery ticket to bring them back together again.


Starring Martin Freeman, this ad highlights Vodafone’s role in a blossoming romance.

The love story is divided into 6 parts as we see Freeman fretting over the first phone call and spending Christmas with his family.

Air New Zealand

In this hilarious Christmas spot, Air New Zealand pokes fun at the accent of their home country.

Santa and his elves are having trouble understanding what children want, but the Air New Zealand crew arrive to help them out.


As part of the #myperfectbowl campaign, Kellogg’s launched this Christmas ad where festive characters are interviewed about how they like their cornflakes.

Some of the interviewees include Santa, Mrs. Claus, 2 elves and a snowman.



Although it was banned from being aired, Iceland’s 2018 Christmas ad delivered an important message.

It features a poorly ‘rang-tan’, whose home has been destroyed by humans for palm oil.


Amazon’s smiling boxes sing in chorus to signal the arrival of everyone’s Christmas gifts.

It’s an upbeat ad that’s set to the tune of Michael Jackson’s ‘Can You Feel It?’

Parcelforce Worldwide

Here we see a little girl thoughtfully picking out presents for her family that lives abroad.

To make sure that they get there in time, she uses Parcelforce Worldwide.


In Sainsbury’s ‘The Big Night’, a young girl sings nervously on stage at a Christmas show.

However, she gains confidence when her fellow performers arrive on stage to join her.


As a young girl waits for Christmas, Santa launches a cannonball of festive fun in her direction.

A medley of Christmas characters descends on her house, tying in with the tagline of the ad – ‘Bring Christmas Home’.

Dunnes Stores

When a weather warning threatens to scupper Santa’s visit to their town, a gang of kids take it into their own hands to make sure it doesn’t happen.

They light up whatever they can, making sure that Santa’s visibility is not affected by the winter conditions.


Erste’s 2018 Christmas campaign asks us ‘What would Christmas be without love?’

In the video, a hedgehog is left isolated from his friends, but a thoughtful gift fixes the problem.


M&S’ festive ad features Holly Willoughby and focuses on Christmas ‘must-haves’.

It goes through a range of Christmas scenarios that many of us will be able to readily relate to.



Pandora’s ‘Show Her That You Know Her’ campaign features a Dad who’s determined to give his daughter her Christmas gift in person.

She works as an air hostess and he takes the drastic measure of boarding a plane to give her a piece of Pandora jewellery.


Mariah Carey belts out her classic Christmas song ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ in this Walkers ad.

She talks about how important sharing is at Christmas, until she discovers there is only one bag of Walkers left…

Hafod Hardware

This adorable video of a young boy helping out at Hafod Hardware quickly went viral.

At the end of the clip, it turns out the boy is actually a fully-grown man and the viewer is encouraged to ‘be a kid this Christmas’.


A little girl called Lucy hears what her Mom’s Microsoft tablet is capable of and decides to use it for different purposes.

She brings it to the reindeer outside her home so she can translate their answers to her questions.


A combination of Christmas and animals is always bound to be emotional and this RSPCA ad proves to be just that.

It shows animals receiving gifts at Christmas and encourages us to ‘make their dreams come true’.

Professional Darts Corporation

In a parody of iconic Christmas film ‘Love Actually’, the Professional Darts Corporation promote the Darts World Championship.

It’s safe to say that the messages (and characters) are very different here than in the movie!


The cute pair of a little girl and her reindeer are the stars of this animated McDonald’s ad.

Her older sister initially disapproves of her behaviour, but she slowly warms to her sibling’s antics.


Titled ‘Silence the Critics’, this IKEA ad shows a woman’s household ornaments tormenting her about the state of her home.

After their listening to their taunting verses for long enough, she decides to do something about it.

Happy Christmas!

So there you have it, the 80 best Christmas from the last 10 years. These festive videos have brought us lots of laughter, excitement, sadness and nostalgia in that time.

It’s clear to see that the best Christmas ads tell a story that resonates with us far beyond the product they are trying to sell.

Let us know what your favourite Christmas ad is by tweeting @getdesignwizard.

And from everyone here at Design Wizard, we hope you have a merry Christmas and enjoy watching some great Christmas ads on your TV this holiday season.

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