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Blogging began to gain popularity during the early noughties and truly exploded with the rise of content marketing. Since then, blogging has completely changed the way we create content and communicate online.


Originally bloggers were everyday folk who mused, ranted and raved about topics that were important to them. But businesses soon followed suit when they realized the value of sharing their expertise and knowledge. These days, companies who blog receive approximately 97% more inbound links than those who don’t. Blogging businesses also have an average 126% increase in lead generation. The bottom line is: including professional visuals positively affects traffic, responses, and retention. Images also make the blog more memorable and easier to find.


Because it’s such an inexpensive and easy-to-implement strategy, blogging as a means of marketing is set to continue. But while the beauty about blogs is that anybody can create them – the real challenge lies in convincing people to actually read them.

How to create high quality blog posts

You don’t need a Ph.D. in Marketing to conclude that consumers respond positively to relatable brand identities. Businesses who are able to speak to their audience on a human level are far more likely to be successful than those who focus solely on selling. But relying on words alone to create a broad brand personality just doesn’t cut it anymore. Brands need images. Blogs need images.

The subject matter of blog images is usually dictated by three things: the theme of the text, the target audience, and the brand’s style. But even keeping within these parameters it can be difficult to hone in on what the images should look like.

And that’s where we come into the picture – Design Wizard makes the process of creating blog images quick and easy. No more stressing over sourcing images, worrying about copyright infringement or paying someone else to put their stamp on your work. Read on for helpful tips to get started.

The First Impression

A blog header image is the landscape shaped image that sits right at the top of the page. This is the only image that will feature on your audience’s news-feeds so it’s the first thing people will see when your blog is shared. Ideally, it sets the tone and is original, creative and compelling – no pressure!


How to create high quality blog posts

Honestly though, no pressure. Browse through our collection of templates until you find the one that sums up what your blog says and edit to personalize.

Free images for blog posts


Ideally, the header image contains the blog title. Other popular approaches are including the author’s name or a product. But overall the choices are practically endless; a text based header image works for some while a beautiful design might be enough for others.

Free images for blog posts


Set The Scene

One of the more interesting aspects that social media has revealed about mankind is that we love to see what’s going on in other people’s lives. Bloggers should definitely take advantage of this nosy nature and give people what they want – a glimpse behind the scenes.


Upping-the-ante on reality might be necessary of course. Bare magnolia walls are not inspiring. Employees slumped at their desks are not inspiring! But, luckily, there are plenty of tricks that you can use to make even the most mundane environment look like a buzzing hive of productivity.



Create high quality images for social media

  • Over shoulder shots
  • Close ups
  • Brainstorming
  • Meetings
  • Taking a break

The best part is you can instantly upload your own photos straight to your Design Wizard work-space where you can drop and drag extra elements like graphics, vignettes, and text.


free images stock photos


The other option is to explore our creative library that is full of work related images and illustrations. and instantly make them your own. We have enough to represent all types of companies, small, medium or large. Take any of our thousands of business related images and use them. Our photographers and designers include cutting edge technology and carefully constructed contemporary compositions designed with you in mind.


free images stock photos


free images stock photos


Caring Leads to Sharing

What are life’s greatest motivators? Family, health, success, money? Chances are whatever gets one person out of bed in the morning will be something other can identify with too.

Inspirational quotes don’t always have to be cringe-inducing. They can be funny, light-hearted, profound or personal.

Learn how to use free photos as blog images

Learn how to use free photos as blog images


Disclosing deeper viewpoints will give your reader a better understanding of who is really behind the blog. A flash of inspiration can also instantly alter a person’s state of mind; make someone smile, laugh or brighten their days with even the most minor boost and they will be far more likely to spread your words.


Combining words and visuals is a powerful way to deliver any message. It is also one of the more satisfying designs to create. Play around with different backgrounds and fonts until you find the right balance. Landscapes are a safe bet; a beautiful setting teamed with a clever statement will always deliver good vibrations.


Another way to tackle inspirational images is to just let the words do the talking. Large, clear letters on a plain background is a quick and easy way to design an inspirational quote. Play around with the colors, weight, and styles of fonts to make even more of an impact.


Learn how to use free photos as blog images

Show Off Your Data

The importance of infographics is a blog post all of its own! But for now, just know that an infographic is one of the most effective ways to display long-winded data.


Creating a simple infographic style blog image is a brilliant way to show things like statistics and percentages and present even the most mundane information in an interesting and dynamic format.


Learn how to use free photos as blog images


Experiment with mixing shapes like bar graphs, pie-charts, arrows and flow diagrams, playing around with different elements like texture and size.


Color should be used liberally to ensure the facts are easy to absorb. Developing a color scheme will make the blog easy on the eye and instantly recognizable. Color coding is always a clever way to differentiate information.


Learn how to use free photos as blog images


Some business blogs have a tendency to over-explain and include more material than is necessary – this type of image makes it easier to condense facts and figures and to prioritize their importance.

Build upon one of our pre-made templates or begin your own from a blank canvas. At last facts can be fun!


Learn how to use free photos as blog images

Tapping Into Trends 

Researching what kind of images are trending right now is a great way to get the stream of inspiration flowing. Trends are important because they reveal what people are responding to on a global level. Connecting with these will give you the confidence to make deliberate artistic choices.

Here are some of the biggest and most influential trends in terms of photography and illustration at the moment:

  • People/portraits: real people, real relationships
  • Color Surge: bright bold color
  • New Naivety: quirky, funny
  • Virtuality: technology
  • Unfiltered: realistic, candid

Learn how to use free photos as blog images


Learn how to use free photos as blog images


Topics that consistently trend on social media are also worth including in your blog images, there are so many to choose from.


From production and manufacturing to sales and consumption – we can’t get enough of food. Including images of food in your blog is sure to ignite a spark of interest with your readers. You don’t have to be a dietician, restaurateur or chef to enter the food blogosphere. Share images of your lunches, dinners or food goals to instantly resonate with your audience.


DesignWizard has thousands of food related images to choose from saintly salads to sinfully sugar-laden delights. Weave them in where credible and watch as your audience come back for seconds.

Learn how to use free photos as blog images


The same goes for everything coffee related. These days, it’s cool to rely on caffeine, but the same might not apply in a few years time so make the most of it while it’s hot.


Learn how to use free photos as blog images


As you can see, there are so many different tactics that you can take when it comes to including images in your blog. The most important thing is that they are authentic and represent you and your words in a genuine way. And remember, images are entertaining. Have fun with them!

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