“We Love the Internet! Long Live the Internet!” we whoop and cheer to all and sundry. (OK, so this only happened once and hyper-caffeination may have been a factor.)

But the reality is, online followers respond well to positive vibes and that’s why inspirational social media posts have become a significant part of customer engagement in recent years. An insightful quote or sassy statement can motivate, influence and inspire your audience into hitting those share buttons.


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Forget famous faces

Leave Marilyn Monroe out of the picture, nothing personal against her of course, the same applies to Audrey Hepburn, Chuck Norris, Rocky and any other celebrity/fictional icon’s image that has been over-used, misrepresented and figuratively flogged to digital death.


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Be natural

Mother Earth, on the other hand, works splendidly! And you can find thousands of stunning images depicting the Great Outdoors in our extensive Design Wizard library – which is updated daily. Rivers, stars, clouds, trees, beaches, and flowers can all be suitable backdrops for gentle reminder messages to open your mind and look around at life.

Or, why not harness the power of nature in all her I’m-having-a-bad-day glory? Storms, tornadoes, wild-fires and crashing waves could be the perfect visual jolt to a kick-ass caption.


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Make it symbolic

Business inspirational posts are particularly effective because so many people are looking for guidance on how to get to where they want to go. Be the one to offer something tangible to follow. Winding roads, ladders, stairs, walls and fences can all signify professional aspirations and obstacles.


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Who’s that girl?

Thanks to Design Wizard’s inclusive model releases, if your image demands a dancing girl, cute couple or jubilant child, you can just drag and drop them in them in without the worry of complicated copyright issues.

Pro Tip: Sometimes a bit of mystery goes a long way when presenting people; close-ups, hands, feet, silhouettes, and shadows can be especially effective.


social media text posts


Let the words do the talking

If you prefer the whole ‘less-is-more’ approach, focus on color, texture, and typeface. But choose your words wisely. People should feel encouraged and emboldened, not judged. Avoid condescension – that’s when you talk down to people. See what I did there. Don’t do that.

So, happy designing fellow wizards, and remember there is seldom anything more inspiring than sincerity. Just be yourself and create something that genuinely speaks to you.

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