Throwing a party takes a lot of planning, as there so many things to take into consideration. One of the most challenging aspects is letting people know about your event and all of the specifics. Well, with the right invitations sent out, it is guaranteed everyone will want to attend your celebration. In this article, we will discuss invitation ideas, allowing you to discover the latest trends regarding formats, fonts, and prints.

Themed Invitations for a Themed Party

The best parties have a theme, offering attending guests the opportunity to take part in a unique kind of celebration. You can quickly unravel the idea of your party by choosing a themed invitation. The same goes for major holidays, such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Holiday cards are quite amazing, having a wide range of templates to offer and the most incredible fonts.

Let’s say you are planning on throwing a great party for Christmas and you want to invite all of your best friends. In this case, you can choose a Christmas-themed invitation; imagine a template with plenty of snow, pine cones, and those beautiful red berries. Choose a decorative, festive font and use traditional colors – everyone will appreciate for having taken the extra effort to personalize your invitations. You can even make save-the-date magnets using your completed design, as these are cute and functional at the same time; moreover, these are easy to hand out to friends and family members.

Customization to Perfection

The invitations you give out will tell a lot, not only about your party but also about the kind of person you are. For this reason, choosing customized party invitations is a great idea.

At first glance, one might look and say that this is just an invitation. But let’s say you are interested in Thanksgiving party invitations. Your customized party invitation has a photograph that speaks a thousand words, reminding one of the autumn season and Thanksgiving as a celebratory holiday it is. The format allows for plenty of text to be added, allowing you to put your imagination to good use. And, more importantly, you can choose between so many different fonts, that you will have a lot of fun in the process.


This year, invitations come in bold colors, large prints, and themed styles. For Halloween, there are scary templates to choose from, with monsters, zombies, and werewolves as main characters. Thanksgiving-themed invitations remind us of fall and its vibrant colors, while those for Christmas are snowy and festive. Themed invitations are in trend right now, no matter of the occasion for which you might need them.

From Design to Print

If you have decided to use online graphic design software for your invitations, there are a lot of benefits that come with this decision. First of all, you get to upload your images and logo. You receive access to the most incredible fonts, and you can create your custom palette of colors. It is possible to upload your font, thus designing the perfect invitation for your party. Once you have finished customizing your party invitations, you can print and send them out.

Alternative Formats

One of the most significant advantages that come with using such kind of software is that you can go beyond the traditional. You can discover a wide range of alternative formats, choosing the one that suits your party the best.

Imagine that you are going to give a winter party, choosing snow as a general theme. While selecting a traditional format is alright, it can also suggest your event will be a bore. On the other hand, by choosing a customizable template and taking your time to decide on additional elements – images, fonts, frames, etc. – you will end up with a fantastic invitation.

Steps to Follow

The first thing you should do is decide on the theme for your party, as this will guide you in choosing the one for your invitations as well. For the next step, browse the templates available in the category of interest and pick one that you like. You can now customize the template, adding images, changing the fonts and color palette. Add your text to the invitation and complete the process. As the last step, download your newly-made creation and take it to print.

A Final Note

Whether you are throwing a party for your birthday, winter holidays or any other reason, you need to hand out invitations that will make people attend the celebration. As you have seen, there are a lot of great ideas out there, all you have to do is choose the one that suits your personal preferences the most.

It is clear that online graphic design software programs have a lot to offer. You can choose between so many different templates, having a great time while customizing your party invitations. Template series will attract your eye without any doubt, allowing you to create the perfect invitation card. Moreover, such websites offer updates for all existent templates; you will always have something new to discover.

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