How To Make Your Best First Impression

First impressions can last a lifetime, so when a potential customer or client encounters your business it's vital that they see the best that your business can offer.

Make Your Best First Impression

16 May 2017

Make your first impression last

According to a Princeton University study, we form an first impression of someone within the first seven seconds of meeting them - a judgement based on a host of visual and nonvisual cues. Once this impression is made, it is incredibly difficult to change that person's opinion of you or your business. With shortening attention spans, you now have even less time to ensure that your brand personality and core message are clearly delivered to your target audience. These top tips for visual content creation will ensure that your company's values are reflected in your marketing campaigns so that you make a good first impression with every potential customer that encounters your business for the first time.

The importance of choosing the right font & colours

Creating a strong visual identity across all your promotional material such as flyers, posters and social media posts allows your target audience to quickly associate this content with your brand. Done correctly, this can reinforce a positive brand image. Clever marketers understand the significance of different colours and fonts and take full advantage of how these subtleties impact consumer behaviour. When creating promotional material for your products or services, carefully consider the message that your business intends to convey. Some companies, for example those in the regulatory industry, employ a serious and reserved image which can be reflected with the use of geometric shapes, contrasting dark and light colours, formal language and more structured fonts such as Merriweather.

For some businesses, particularly those aimed at younger audiences or online communities, a less structured approach is more appropriate. These brands adopt a more whimsical feel through the use of bright colours, informal language and playful or hand drawn fonts such as Gochi Hand or Londrina Outline. The real value here is in knowing your brand message and conveying that message with accuracy across both print and digital media.

Over time we develop a feel for our favourite brands and how they should appear. We subconsciously position new brands within our mind, categorising them as fun, luxury, trustworthy, ethical etc. We make snap judgements on their promotional materials and visual identity in an instant. For example which one of the accountants below would you hire to manage your financial matters?

First Impression Business poster Design before and after edit

How to create compelling marketing material for your business

Any savvy marketer will know the importance of an integrated campaign across both digital and print media. As a matter of standard practice, it's important to maintain consistency with brand colours and logos across different forms of media. this helps consumers to instantly recognise your business.

Research has shown that 80% of people research a product online before buying, therefore your company's online presence is often the first point of contact with the potential customer. Use this opportunity to entice them to your brand and accurately convey your message, here's an example of a social media post created using DesignWizard.

First Impression Social Media Design - Design Wizard

While social media and the internet are often the first point of contact for prospective customers, printed materials such as flyers, business cards and posters still play an important role in telling your brand's story. When used effectively in collaboration with digital media, print media can be used to create a reinforce your key marketing messages and bring your marketing campaign to a wider audience.

First Impression Design A4 Poster Cafe - Design Wizard

Creating a great first impression is much more than using your logo and colour palette. Each image should be a visual representation of your company's message. Every design you make has the potential unlock doors and put your best foot forward. The most important thing to remember is to get out there and spread the word about your amazing company. And remember to have fun and happy creating!

You can make any of the marketing materials featured in the post by using Design Wizard software.

Peter Brazil