Leaving Cert Results Day!

Thousands of Irish students are awaiting their Leaving Cert results making today one of the most stressful times in their young lives. The state exams are still the subject of most adults nightmares so spare a thought for the poor souls in the hot seat this year. To lighten the mood we have created some Well Done In Your Leaving Cert Results greeting cards that perfectly reflect the Irish sense of humor.

Choose the one that speaks to the student in your life and instantly share it online. All our designs are bright, bold and will resonate with modern millennials.

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Congrats on acing your exams!

We have brilliant Leaving Cert related posts that are sure to brighten any mood in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sizes. To print a card that the school leaver will be able to keep and cherish forever go to Design Wizard’s A5 Portrait and Landscape templates or the DL sizes where you will find the full range of Leaving Cert cards. If you want more options just click the magic resize button to change the design to any of our other canvas sizes.


I donut believe it!

Click on any card to personalize it with text or images. Include names, add a special message or sign-off to make the experience even more special. From Nana lighting a candle…

Don’t worry, Nana lit a candle.

…to bribing St Anthony in exchange for CAO points…

You can always rely on St. Anthony


or just to let them know that whatever the results they will be just fine!

Sure look it, you’re a smart cookie

You have a bright future ahead


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