How To Create Amazing Visual Assets With DesignWizard For Hubspot

How To Create Amazing Visual Assets With DesignWizard For Hubspot

15 May 2017

Finding an image that perfectly captures the essence of your content can be difficult. Finding the right image with commercial usage rights and keeping on top of copyright expiry is nearly impossible. At the same time, we know as marketers that visual content enhance increases reach, engagement and sales.

DesignWizard makes it easy for marketers to create images for campaigns, blogs, social media posts, landing pages and more. Our extensive library of images and templates are created in-house by our team of photographers and graphic designers. This means that when you create your images using the DesignWizard gallery, you never have to worry about copyright or licensing.

How it works

Simply select your canvas size or template and customise your design. Once you are happy with your completed click on the share button,select the share to Hubspot button. DesignWizard will create a folder in your File Manager and shared images will be stored in your account. To access your designs go to Content>File Manager. You can now use your images in your campaigns, content, cTAs, blogs, landing pages, social media posts and emails.

How do I use these images?

With DesignWizard you can create up to 60 unique images per month for just $9.99! This means you can create images for your campaign in bulk or as you need them. Simply login into your account and follow the step by step process. You can also use the DesignWizard's magic resize button to quickly and easily resize your images. For example you can create a Facebook post and with just a click, resize it for twitter, Instagram and Tumblr in seconds.

DesignWizard also allows you to upload your own images, colour palettes and logos free of charge, ensuring that every image you create is on brand. You can also create and download print quality posters, flyers, and other marketing collateral.

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