Dublin Tech Summit has quickly grown to become one of Europe’s leading technology conferences and this year’s attendees are in for some real treats. Youtube sensation Casey Neistat leads the event headliners and is sure to get a lot of attention. I doubt he flew to Dublin Via Ryanair though, if you’re not familiar with him check out his review of Emirates First Class Suite.

There’s plenty more to look forward to at DTS this year and in this post, we’ve listed some of the people you’re going to want to keep an eye out for at this year’s summit. The conference is jam-packed with some of the most prominent names in the tech industry, and this year’s event is sure to be a hit.



Anne Ravanona

How To Spread Your Talent & Change The World (InnovationxTech Wednesday 4.25 PM)

With her extensive experience in FinTech and having founded Global Invest Her, a platform that helps woman entrepreneurs learn about funding and helps them get investor ready, Anne Ravanona is someone you want to meet at Dublin Tech Summit 2018.

“Really looking forward to igniting the audience to learn more about the Power they have to boost our economy, through 4 key tips I’ll be sharing live!”

Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley is the Vice President for Twitter’s operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has been with Twitter for over six years after being the director of youtube & display at Google. He shares his views on his podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat, but if you want to experience his wisdom in person, this year’s Tech Summit is your chance…don’t miss it!

“The Tech Summit established itself as a must attend event in 2017. A vast range of famous voices and often challenging, stimulating presenters.”


Rik Ferguson

Rik Ferguson is the Vice President of Security Research at Trend Micro, where he has been for over 10 years. He is responsible for their global content creation and distribution. He is also a special advisor of Europol and project leader at the International Cyber Security Prevention Alliance. He was also inducted into the Infosecurity Hall of Fame in April of 2011.

“Dublin Tech Summit is always an energising, forward-looking event. I am most interested to learn what people are building for the future of sectors other than my own. I intend to take that information and look at the future attack and security implications and make a safer tomorrow for all of us.”


Scott Cohen

As the founder and vice president of The Orchard, the digital distribution pioneer, Scott Cohen is one of the most experienced people in the music technology industry. His interest and knowledge about new business models for the digital age are his driving motivation to be at the Dublin Tech Summit this year and he is looking forward to get insights from diverse industries.

“I am always interested in the next big thing.  It usually means looking at ideas from diverse industries to get a sense of the big picture and the potential impact.”


Michel Morvan

Michel Morvan has worked in multiple countries in a wide range of positions as a professor, chief scientist and now as the co-founder and CEO of Cosmo Tech in the United States. He says himself that he is passionate about complexity, technology and innovation and is excited about the conversation on augmented intelligence during this year’s Dublin Tech Summit.

“Augmented Intelligence is emerging as THE technology that will change the way decisions are made and investments are optimised. I’m looking forward to being part of the conversation around Augmented Intelligence, and listening to others who are embracing this incredible opportunity for digital transformation.”


Danielle Levitas

Representation, Role Models and Real World Success Stories: Redefining “Women in Tech” (InnovationxTech Thursday 11.30 AM)

Danielle Levitas is a leading advisor on mobility, digital media and entertainment, consumer technology and storage to many of the world’s leading technology and digital media companies. She is also the Senior Vice President Research & Professional Services at App Annie and is responsible for their research and analysis team. She is a truly inspirational woman in tech, so it is fitting to have her on the panel about representation, role models and real world success stories about women in the tech industry.

“I am most looking forward to being inspired from some of tech’s brightest minds and hottest companies. The Dublin Tech Summit is still new and brings together a mix of industries and this combination makes it an exciting conference. It’s at events like this where innovators take center stage, where we can network and exchange ideas, and all the while get to hear great music.”


Johanna Maska

The power of community – building a following (InnovationxTech Wednesday 3.30 PM)

Johanna was working for the Obama campaign in its earliest days, building it up from the very beginning. She grew into her role throughout the campaign and after election until she led the global communications strategy as the director of press advance for the White House. On this basis she will talk about the power of community and how to build a following. Her unique insights into a creating impactful campaigns and her development during her time in the Obama administration, are a combination that you don’t want to miss out on in her keynote speech.

“I haven’t been to Dublin since I was there with President Obama.  Really looking forward to the beer and ideas flowing freely – and to helping those in technology be the change we need in the world.”


Furkan Karayel

Representation, Role Models and Real World Success Stories: Redefining “Women in Tech” (InnovationxTech Thursday 11.30 AM)

Furkan Karayel is the founder and CEO of Giftoven, a website that helps people who do not like gift shopping find a perfect gift for their loved ones. Furkan has an impressive track record of working for many companies in software engineering and has taken things into her own hands when founding giftoven in 2016. She is a great example of successful women in the tech industry and will be joining the panel about women in tech on Thursday on the InnovationxTech stage.


Sophie Goosens

With over 10 years of experience counseling the media and technology industries, Sophie Goossens is someone to connect with during Dublin Tech Summit. She is currently responsible for leading the Entertainment and Media Industry of Reed Smith in Paris and her experience goes as far as consulting the European Commission on cross-sector consultation on the Eu’s future music funding programs. She is looking forward to exploring the latest tech trends at the Summit this year.

“Exploring the latest trends in the tech landscape is always a thrill!”

Casey Neistat

How to be Heard  (InnovationxTech Wednesday 3.00 PM)

Casey co-founded his own tech company in 2014, Beme, which was eventually acquired and merged into CNN. He has almost two decades of experience working in the digital environment as a filmmaker and has been an innovator in the online video community for many years. His talk will focus on how you can be heard in the fast-changing digital environment. Be sure to arrive early, as the organizer expects the room to fill pretty quickly. You don’t want to miss this talk and the opportunity to see the subsequent panel.


Jon Bradford

Early Stage Companies – the key ingredients for success (TechxFactory Thursday 11.45 AM)

Jon Bradford is a highly successful and experienced early stage investor and currently involved with MOTIVE PARTNERS. He is one of the leading experts in the field of early stage investing and is highly qualified to speak about this topic during the Dublin Tech Summit.


Michael Lopp

The Second Act – the need for an evolving culture (InnovationxTech Thursday 4.30 PM)

Michael Lopp is a leading expert in engineering and he has helped build up several companies including names like Apple, Pinterest and Netscape. Currently he is working for Slack as the VP of engineering. He has also written multiple books, including his first book about managing humans. His experience in building and developing companies and creating company culture will be shown in his keynote speech on the INNOVATIONxTECH stage.


Tom Cochran

Yes we can. Yes we did. Digitally transforming the government experience (FuturexTech Thursday 11.20 AM)

Tom Cochran worked in the Obama Administration for over four years as a presidential appointee and digital leader. He was highly involved with the development of the groundbreaking ‘We the People’ petition application during this time. Now he is the Chief Digital Strategist and VP of Public Sector at Acquia, a leading provider of digital experience management solutions based on cloud services. In his keynote, he will walk you through the process it took to digitally transform the government experience.


Duena Blomstrom

Banking in 2028 – the state of the industry  (FuturexTech Wednesday 3.40 PM)

Duena Blomstrom is a FinTech specialist who created the concept of Emotional Banking. She works as the Chief Growth Officer at Tenemos Marketplace and has worked with multiple international banks during her career. As a leading expert in FinTech, she will address the future of banking in her keynote and will give an outlook on what we can expect from banking technology in the next ten years.


Jason Cohen

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise (InnovationxTech Wednesday 10.30 AM)

In today’s business environment, it’s sometimes hard for entrepreneurs to balance their mind between managing day-to-day issues and focusing on the big picture. Jason Cohen argues that this often leads to a situation in which people do not maintain a healthy mindset. Jason is currently the CTO of WP Engine, one of the four start ups he founded or co-founded. In his talk, he will explain how everybody can develop a healthy mindset and maintain it through rough times. Everyone who is under a lot of stress, entrepreneur or not, will benefit from listening to this keynote.

Aisling Hassell

The Future of Global Travel (InnovationxTech Wednesday 10.00 AM)

Airbnb redefines travel by giving people around the world the chance to become a host on their platform. With over 4.5 million home listings in over 191 countries, they enable 300+ million guests to experience an authentic and local travel experience. In this fireside chat Aisling Hassel, their global head of customer experience, will discuss how travel is changing and what updates Airbnb recently made in Ireland. You will not regret joining this conversation if you are interested in travel and the development of the industry.


Marek Fodor

The Evolution of Fintech – emerging consumer behaviour trends in finance  (FuturexTech Wednesday 2.25 PM)

Marek Fodor founded the international FinTech company Kantox and has an extensive background in FinTech. Their main focus is to solve one of the major problems faced by international companies: currency management. Taking this as a basis, you don’t want to miss seeing him as a participant of the panel about the evolution of FinTech and consumer behaviour trends at the Dublin Tech summit.


Janna Bastow

Product Roadmapping  (InnovationxTech Wednesday 4.40 PM)

Janna Bastow is truly passionate about product management. After working as a product manager for several years, she took matters into her own hands and co-founded ProdPad, an innovative product management tool. One key factor of the software is its product roadmapping abilities, so it is only natural that she will talk about this topic in her speech. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to hear first hand advice and experiences from someone with this amount of knowledge about product management.


Jonathan Reichental

Future of Cities (InnovationxTech Wednesday 11.20 AM)

Multiple award winner Jonathan Reichental is the CIO and CTO of the city of Palo Alto in California and is responsible for the development of forward-thinking and innovative technology initiatives. His influence in building a smart city in Palo Alto, which can also work as a model for other cities, is internationally acknowledged. Join this keynote to hear about the future of cities from one of the leading innovators in this field of expertise.


Donna Kimmel

The Future of Recruitment & HR (InnovationxTech Thursday 2.25 PM)

Donna Kimmel holds the position of Chief People Officer at Citrix, where she is responsible for driving the global and strategic HR strategy of the company, which employs over 9,500 people globally. She also held multiple executive human resource positions at other companies prior to that and holds a Masters in Organization Development. Her impressive knowledge and experience will be shown during the panel “The Future of Recruitment & HR” where she will be joined by other high ranking HR personalities.


Laurence Buchanan

The Transition from Digital Experimentation to Industrialisation (InnovationxTech Wednesday 11.45 AM)

Embracing digital is the great challenge nowadays, but inevitable for all industries. This is increasing the investments made in the digital sector. Laurence Buchanan is the advisory digital leader (EMEIA) for EY and has an incredible track record working in CRM and digital transformation for SAP and EY. In his talk, he will question if the increased investments in digital are making an impact and explores the shift from “why” we need to do something to the more practical approach focusing on “what and how”.


Jason Zander

Microsoft Azure (Keynote)  (InnovationxTech Thursday 9.35 AM)

Jason Zander is the Executive Vice President of Microsoft and responsible for strategy, design and delivery of the cloud services product line for Microsoft Azure, the cloud computing service. His extensive experience managing a large operation that handles many different technological aspects and his knowledge of the industry will be combined in a keynote speech on the second day of Dublin Tech Summit.


Ray O’Farrell

Innovation is not Enough – Tips for Creating Staying Power (InnovationxTech Wednesday 9.35 AM)

In his talk, Ray O’Farrell will explain why innovation is not enough and how companies can make sure that they have staying power. Ray O’Farrell is the EVP & CTO at VMware and brings more than 15 years of experience in research and development to the table. This talk will be insightful for people who want to get a deeper insight into what drives innovation, presented by one of the leading experts in this field.


Dr. Edmond Harty

Intelligent Business – the Impacts of AI and Automation on Diverse Industries (InnovationxTech Thursday 11.05  AM)

Dr. Edmond Harty is the CEO and Technical Director of Dairymaster, the technological leader in the field of dairy farm equipment. The company is known for applying smart technology to farming and Dr. Harty has been in his position for almost twenty years. He has in depth knowledge about implementing smart technology in his industry and will share his insights during the panel with Mike Roche, Marie Treacy and Hesham Shorky.


Sofie Lindblom

Avoid your Kodak Moment – How to Setup for Continuous Innovation (InnovationxTech Wednesday  10.35 AM)

Innovation and constant development is more important than ever in today’s fast changing world. The key to success and using the change to your advantage, is to define new ways of working and collaborating. Sofie Lindblom is an innovator through and through, and has years of experience in many different market sectors. Her talk will get you up to speed about this interesting topic and introduce you to a set of tools that you can use to build a foundation for continuous innovation.


Joanna Riley

The Future of Recruitment & HR  (InnovationxTech Thursday 2.25 PM)

Joanna Riley has a background as an entrepreneur, investor and is an advocate in technology. In her current role as CEO and co-founder of Censia, she is applying her extensive experience in building and scaling companies. She has a deep passion for people and technologies that allow people to be the best version of themselves and she is a great choice to be speaking about the future of recruitment and HR at the Dublin Tech Summit.


Paul Walsh

Payments Innovation (InnovationxTech Wednesday 12.10 PM)

As many aspects of our daily life are developing more and more quickly, so is the way we pay. Because everyone’s money is involved in this on a daily basis, innovation in this sector is always in the spotlight. Paul Walsh, is the senior vice president of Visa with a focus on platform strategy and innovation. He will give you an insight on payment innovation and you can expect to learn about where it is heading in the future.


Jordan P. Evans

Lessons from Mars and Beyond: The Creativity and Culture of Robotic Deep Space Exploration  (InnovationxTech Wednesday 2.25 PM)

Jordan P. Evans is the Deputy Director for Engineering and Science at NASA JPL and will share some lessons that he has learned about creativity through deep space exploration in this keynote speech. You can be sure to get some fascinating insights into the creativity and culture of robotic deep space exploration and will very likely hear some amazing anecdotes about working at NASA.

Thomas Holl

Anti-disruption, diversity, and reducing hierarchies (FututexTech Wednesday 2.50 PM)

Thomas Holl is the co-founder of the app Babbel, one of the world’s leading language learning apps and later launched their North American expansion. Currently he is the Chief Strategy Officer. His involvement in the tech industry as a founder, have given him in depth perspectives on how the tech industry evolved and where it is headed in the future. He will share some of his expertise and experiences in his keynote speech where he will specifically address the topics of anti-disruption, diversity and reducing hierarchies.

Molly Williams

Preparing an organization for innovation  (InnovationxTech Thursday 2.00 PM)

As the Head of Innovation and Digitization at Siemens and with 16 years experience as an independent consultant for digital leadership, innovation services and retail strategy, there are few people better suited to speak about preparing an organization for innovation than Molly Williams. In her current role at Siemens she is, among others, leading their digitization strategy, customer experience and innovation management with a focus on global equity & executive compensation, Fintech, Financial Literacy and Communication. With this background, you can expect a very informative and inspiring keynote speech on Thursday on the INNOVATIONxTECH stage.



Mike Roche

Intelligent Business – the Impacts of AI and Automation on Diverse Industries (InnovationxTech Thursday 11.05  AM)

Mike Roche has a long background in technology, being with IBM for more than 20 years. He now holds the position of CTO Research & Development and has spent many of his years at IBM working on eLearning and Advanced Collaboration. He will join a panel discussion with Dr. Edmond Harty, Marie Treacy and Hesham Shorky about the impacts of AI and automation on different industries. His experience in the field and the constellation of the panel are a guarantee for a great discussion.


Leonie Brown

The future is dominated by customer experience  (InnovationxTech Thursday 12.40 PM)

Leonie Brown is an expert in all things customer experience management. During her impressive career she has worked as a Customer Experience Specialist for Oracle and is now a Customer Experience Strategist for Qualtrics. In her role she is involved with major global brands but also local organizations and supports the delivery of great experience solutions. Take this opportunity to hear about her view on the role of customer experience in the future during the panel on Thursday at Dublin Tech Summit.


Stephan Jacquemot

Collaboration, Support and Growth – working with startups  (InnovationxTech Wednesday 4.25 PM)

This talk is all about how Microsoft handles its collaborations with startups. Stephan Jacquemot is in charge of the Startup Strategy Lead Central Europe of Microsoft and is in charge of leading their efforts to partner with startups. Make sure to be in the audience if you want to gain some insights into the opportunities that Microsoft creates for startups and how they do it.


Barbara McCarthy

Crafting Company Culture (InnovationxTech Thursday 10.10 AM)

Barbara McCarthy has been the Director of Engineering at HubSpot for two years and has 20 years of experience leading large software development operations within rapidly growing operations. Her other focus lies on organisational development and process improvement, which she has successfully performed in many organisations. Her background in the technical field and her vast experience will be explored in a panel talk together with Patricia DuChene.


Kevin Mako

The Product Innovation Process  (InnovationxTech Wednesday 2.00 PM)

Being the CEO of MAKO Design + Invent for over 18 years, few people can show the kind of experience in product design that Kevin Mako can. He will share his knowledge about the product innovation process in this keynote speech and you can be certain to take something useful away from this.


Marie Treacy

Intelligent Business – the Impacts of AI and Automation on Diverse Industries (InnovationxTech Thursday 11.05  AM)

Through her experience in auditing processes throughout many industries with EY, Marie Treacy gained a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges that technology faces in different contexts. She has been in her position as Audit Partner for over twelve years and has worked with both, local and international clients. Her understanding of the role of technology in many different sectors will be a great addition to the panel discussion with Mike Roche, Dr. Edmond Harty and Hesham Shorky.


Patricia DuChene

Crafting Company Culture (InnovationxTech Thursday 10.10 AM)

In her five years at Wrike, Patricia DuChene has worked in several teams and is now the Vice President of Sales (GM EMEA). Wrike has won numerous awards for being one of the best places to work and they are operating from four offices internationally. Her insights from a company that consistently tops the best work environments and her experience in managing people in this work environment, will be a great addition to the conversation she will have with Barbara McCarthy about “Crafting Company Culture”.


Sean Prior

Sean is the CEO of Design Wizard and Wavebreak Media, which is one of the worlds largest independently owned stock photo companies with over 1.2 million wholly owned stock assets in the Wavebreak catalog, meaning you’ve probably seen Wavebreak content without even knowing it.

“Really looking forward to the buzz and excitement of tech startup world and the huge positive energy around the whole event.”


Claire O’ Brien

Getting influencers, growing traffic and building an affiliate programme (TechxFactory Wednesday 9.35 AM)

Claire has been involved with a number of successful companies including the hugely successful Newsweaver (Now Poppulo) and of course Design Wizard. Claire has a wealth of experience in taking companies to the next level with inbound marketing and in her presentation, she’ll be going into detail about the strategy Design Wizard Used to grow their traffic by 356% in just 3 months without paid advertising.

I’m looking forward to bringing Design Wizard back to where it all began, last time out we were in Beta but this year we’re bringing the new look version to an international audience. I’m also looking forward to hearing Jordan P. Evans speak on Lessons from Mars and Beyond: The Creativity and Culture of Robotic Deep Space Exploration cause I’m a massive space geek (I’ll be in my Nasa T-Shirt in the front row!) 


Mícheál Brennan

Getting influencers, growing traffic and building an affiliate programme (TechxFactory Wednesday 9.35 AM)
Mícheál Brennan is me, the guy writing this post… As handsome and brilliant as he is modest, you’re not going to want to miss all of the inside scoop on the methods how he’s managed to grow organic traffic since joining the team at Design Wizard.
“Really looking forward to being under the same roof as some of the world’s leading tech minds. Also going to try and see if I can nab Casey Neistat in the speakers room and get him to give me some of his air miles so I can upgrade next time I’m flying”

Are you heading to Dublin Tech Summit this year? Be sure to stop by and meet the Design Wizard team at our stand SU 15 or Tweet at us @getdesignwizard

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