Design Wizard - a brief introduction

Take a look at some of our awesome features below, and start your journey with Design Wizard today!

Design Wizard - a brief introduction

27 Sept 2016

I've spent a lot of time thinking about Design Wizard these past months.

Every time I think I know who Design Wizard is, what he can be, he behaves exactly like a Wizard should and reveals a new layer of magic and potential. The beauty of this software is that it can be anything you need it to be. There are so many creative possibilities and marketing opportunities to discover inside. I could go on, but I really want you to discover Design Wizard for yourself.

Design Wizard is an online tool that lets you create tailor-made, visually stunning content. But for you, it can be anything you want it to be.

Take a look at some of our awesome features below, and start your journey with Design Wizard today!

Use Design Wizard templates or start from scratch

Template or original design?

Design Wizard gives you the option to start from scratch or use one of our many templates. You can select your size based on your job; we have size specifications for almost every social media post or printed project.

So maybe you're feeling creative and want to create the entire design yourself. Or you maybe you're feeling a little uninspired? Have a deadline looming? We designed our templates with all types of businesses in mind so when login to Design Wizard, we're confident you'll get your project done to the highest possible quality in the shortest amount of time.

Use Images from Design Wizard's library

Using images.

Design Wizard's library is powered by Wavebreak Media, so it's always stocked with hundreds of thousands of high quality stock media files for you to use in your design. We've made sure to cover all types of businesses, from big banking to small enterprises so whatever your industry, we have models, backgrounds and graphics for you. We're always researching the latest trends, so you can incorporate trending topics, styles and even types of models into your projects. All of our images are totally free to use, so you'll never have to pay extra for that special background or model.

Add own text and/or use shapes

Adding texts and shapes.

Adding your own text is simple, and you can easily change the font, colour and size. We want you to get creative, and adding shapes and lines is great way to personalise your design. You can customise the size and colour, even the opacity.

Design Wizard sharing features

Share your design.

Design Wizard comes ready to go with sharing features, so you can post direct to your social media account and show off your work.

Save yours compositions

Make it your own.

Design Wizard works for you. Build up your own libraries based on your needs and preferences. Categorise your favourite models and backgrounds. Really love your design? Save it as a template to use again and again in different ways.

Happy Designing!