31. Use flash sales to spark interest in your products

Flash sales can be beneficial to your business in a number of ways. They have the potential to clear unwanted stock swiftly and can turn a low seller into a high seller in an instant.

Know exactly what you want to achieve when you begin a flash sale and keep things simple. Customers will appreciate the reduced prices and may find out about some of your other products in the process.

Your flash sale might even be featured on a deal site if it attracts enough attention. This can further increase your ability to attract new customers and bolster the loyalty of the ones you already have.

32. Look into why some customers might be leaving

On your journey to achieve improved customer loyalty, you might encounter some bumps along the way.

One such problem might be that certain customers are failing to return to you. Finding out the reasons for it and reversing the trend is essential to retaining customer loyalty.

Sometimes there may be nothing you can do about it, but other times it’s possible to retain a customer. If a customer feels wronged by your business, offer them something in an effort to reconcile with them.

33. Encourage your customers to create user-generated content

User-generated content can be beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly, you will have content that you didn’t have to put your own resources into, secondly, it gives you an idea of what customers want and finally, it makes customers feel a part of what of you’re doing.

If customers feel part of something they will be much more inclined to be loyal to it. The user-generated content could be anything from an article featuring a customer testimonial to a video of them using your product.

Make sure to be polite and respectful when asking for content from a customer. At the end of the day, they are doing you a favor and their work is not mandatory. Send a courteous email to some of your most loyal customers, as they will be more likely to be receptive to the idea.

34. Always be available to offer support to your customers

In the age of social media, the need to respond to customers quickly has become very prevalent.

The sooner you can fire a message back to someone, the better. Even if you haven’t managed to come up with a solution to the problem, it’s best to acknowledge it and then go about solving it.

Social listening is a big part of modern online customer service. By listening to what customers want on social media, you can improve their overall experience and boost customer loyalty.

35. Communicate your values to customers to find common ground


Often customers will look for shared values in companies that they purchase from. They could be from the same place, have the same morals and have similar interests.

Knowing your market and informing customers about what you have in common with them is an effective way to build customer loyalty.

Customers will always favor a company that they can relate to. Use your website and social media feed to talk about your values and what they mean to you.

36. Constantly re-evaluate your businesses’ pricing strategy

Pricing is obviously a huge factor in attracting and retaining customers. You want to have appealing prices that customers will gravitate towards, but you also want to make a profit.

Proper pricing sets the foundation for a successful business. Getting your pricing wrong can have the opposite effect, as it has the potential to do serious damage.

Do some market research. Find out what your competitors are charging and figure out what your customers are willing to pay. Make sure to think about other factors too, such as how much it will cost you to make a product.

37. Promote product awareness among customers

Making customers aware of exactly what your product does, how it was made and where it comes from can significantly reduce complaints and returns.

If they make an informed decision about what they’re buying, it will increase the likelihood that they’ll be happy with it.

Customer loyalty will increase if they can make an informed decision to purchase your product. On the contrary, if they find out undisclosed details afterwards, they won’t be happy.

38. Be flexible with your company policies

The companies that adapt the best to change are always the ones which have the capacity for flexibility. Seeing a problem before it negatively impacts you can make all the difference.

There might be a policy that has been the cornerstone of your company for many years, but if it’s not bringing results, then it might be time to change it.

Customer loyalty can be heavily affected by certain policies that may make it difficult for them to purchase from you. For example, you could have a very small area that you deliver to or a very acute market that you’re trying to sell to.

39. Avoid becoming stale to stay ahead of the market

Taking risks can threaten customer loyalty, but resorting to the same tactics over and over again can be just as bad.

This can be especially prevalent if an aspect of your niche is offering products that are supposed to be cutting-edge. If you fail to hit the mark, customers will become bored and disenchanted.

Do your research into what’s trending at the moment and incorporate it into your inventory. This will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors and keep customers interested.

40. Deal with customer complaints effectively

How you deal with customer complaints says a lot about your business. One wrong move and you will lose that customer for good.

Listen to what the customer is saying and make note of the facts in the case. If there is a problem, recognize it and come up with a solution.

Effectively dealing with a complaint and providing a solution can make all the difference to a customer’s experience. Sometimes a customer might be so displeased that they will vow never to come back, but by dealing with the situation, you give yourself the best chance of retaining customer loyalty.

41. Buy your customers’ products and use their services

While this may not be an option for everyone, buying your customers’ products and using their services is a very way effective way of inspiring customer loyalty.

It works almost like a partnership, you buy from them and they will likely reciprocate by buying from you.

If you’re a local company, employing this strategy allows you to create a tight knit network of people that will always show support for one another. This ensures that you will always have a solid source of customer loyalty.

42. Impress customers by looking professional at all times

Looking professional is a given when it comes to attracting customers. First impressions are often crucial when customers make a purchase.

Brand image is more than just how your business appears, it embodies how a customer perceives your business and what it stands for. Looking professional helps you to be perceived as a professional organization.

A respectable and credible company goes hand-in-hand with a strong brand image. Customer testimonials, reviews and recommendations go a long way to establishing a credible brand image.

43. Stay on the same page as your customers by cutting down on jargon

A mistake companies often make is trying to get too in-depth or too technical with their product descriptions. You don’t need to use complicated language to create accurate descriptions. In fact, the opposite is true.

Customers will prefer simple descriptions that tell them everything they need to know. While it’s important to include all the details, you want them to be easily comprehensible.

Try making sentences shorter, adding images and creating help center videos to make things easier for your customers. Make your customer experience more personable by providing a live chat option on your website.

44. Hire mystery shoppers to test your own customer service

The most genuine appraisal of your customer service that you can get is by hiring a mystery shopper.

Mystery shoppers will be able to determine how your employees treat customers when they think no one is watching. It’s important to do them regularly and over a period of time, as one isolated shop can’t determine how good or bad your staff really are at their jobs.

Ask objective questions if at all possible, as you want to make sure that you cover areas that customers will be concerned about.

45. Make your customers confident in themselves

If you can manage to help your customers become more confident in themselves, then they will repay you for it.

An example of this is Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ advertizing campaign, where women are shown that they are more beautiful than they believe themselves to be.

You can do this on a more basic level by using social media to compliment and reassure your customers. Maintain strong relationships with customers, as this will make them feel more valued and therefore boost customer loyalty.

46. Provide them with a mutually beneficial way to recommend your business

One way to indirectly increase customer loyalty is by providing an avenue for customers to recommend you.

Incentivizing this recommendation can be extremely effective. For example,you could give existing customers a discount for getting a new customer to sign up.

Offering a discount for both customers in this scenario will prove to be very beneficial.Using this tactic goes a long way to ensuring the loyalty of both of these customers.

47. Be socially responsible

Now more than ever, being socially responsible is crucial for companies. One place to start is the environment.

Doing your bit for the environment shows that you care about the world around you. For example, you could take a brief break from growing your business to grow some trees.

Donating to charity also portrays your business in a positive light and helps to inspire customer loyalty.

48. Offer product trade-ins

Maximize the value your customers can get from their transactions by offering product trade-ins.

For example, if you’re a video game shop, you could accept trade-ins from customers who have previously purchased something from you.

Trade-ins can be structured so that they’re not direct swap deals or could include a voucher (rather than cash) being exchanged for a returned product.

49. Personalized loyalty programs for younger customers

Younger customers can often have a huge impact on the perception of your company among their peers, so it’s essential that you have a way to attract their attention.

Creating a loyalty program that’s specifically tailored to their interests is a great way of doing this.

After a certain amount of purchases you could reward them with prizes like football, cinema or concert tickets.

50. Gamify your loyalty program

Turning your loyalty program into a game can bring more customers into play. This can help you to truly engage with people and makes it easier to hold their attention.

Creating a competitive and social aspect to your loyalty program will not only make the program itself more interesting, but also your brand.

You could include mini games with prizes on your website or ask your customers to collect tokens.

51. Use unique aspects of your products to grab customers’ attention from the get-go

Apple are one brand in particular that are brilliant at executing this strategy. They release a small amount of products that have an emphasis on quality and luxury.

Consumers buy into the excitement that surrounds a new product release and this in turn drives sales.

While you won’t be able to generate the same level of buzz as Apple, you can still take advantage of your product’s unique selling points. Look at what you can offer that none of your competitors can and make sure your customers know about it.

52. Let your customers know about opportunities and news

As an active member of your community, you might hear about news, job vacancies and other opportunities that would be of interest to your customers.

While some of this information might seem useless to you, it could be invaluable to others.

You could disseminate this information via your email list or offer it as part of a subscription to a service. If a customer directly benefits from it, they will become more loyal to your company.

53. Give your place of business the wow factor

Don’t just impress your customers, amaze them! When they walk into your business premises, make sure that they take time to appreciate how great it is.

A workplace that wows does wonders for a company’s brand image and the opposite is true of a workplace that disappoints.

Depending on what industry you’re in, you could paint the wall with your brand colors and include interesting furniture, lush plants and ample space.

54. Take an alternative approach to your advertizing

There are so many companies jostling for attention in today’s marketplace that sometimes it takes an alternative approach to stand out.

Millennials are infamous for short attention spans, so your message really needs to stick if you want younger customers to engage with it.

Put your budget into referrals instead of the same ads you’ve always ran. Customers are more likely to listen to a peer than a brand. Continuously encouraging engagement through your advertizing can lead to fantastic results.

55. Get an influencer to promote your business

Some of your customers will be more attracted to a company who has ties to a famous name.

Often companies do promotions with social media influencers to raise awareness amongst a younger audience. If a celebrity uses a product they will be more likely to buy it.

A customer’s loyalty to a celebrity can therefore translate into loyalty towards your brand.

56. Have a common enemy

One way to forge a bond with your customer is to have a common enemy. This doesn’t mean brewing up a controversy on social media and hoping some people get behind you.

Rather it should be an effort to make your customers aware of who your competitors are and what they are not doing for their customers.

You can emphasize this through advertizing campaigns that compare you favorably to your competitors.

57. Know what strategy works for you

While it’s important to be flexible, you must be able to recognize what strategy works for you and what doesn’t.

Playing to your strengths might be an obvious ploy, but often companies don’t know what their strengths are or instead invest too much time and money into covering up a weakness.

By doing this, you boost the aspects of your company that customers were initially drawn to when they first gave you their custom. This can stimulate loyalty from a number of your previous customers.

58. Connect with customers

A lot of customers will react positively to a business if they can see a part of themselves in it.

Identify exactly who your target audience is and then create a brand message that truly speaks to them.

Find out what they are passionate about and what they get emotional about and tailor your products to those parameters.

59. Get your marketing copy correct to reduce pain points

Reduce pain points for your customers by including marketing copy that engages them, not dissuades them.

Make it easy for your customers to buy and find out information about your products. Include a blog on your website to provide your customers with interesting content and to boost your site’s visibility.

Create user-friendly customer service channels, reduce clutter on your website and recognize how your ads are being viewed. This all plays in to how loyal a customer is to your brand.

60. Don’t sacrifice quality for speed

No business should ever sacrifice the quality of their customer service for the speed in which they deliver it.

If all your staff are on board with your strategy and are given the tools to adequately cater to the needs of your customer base, then this should be no problem.

Customer loyalty will be badly affected by poor customer service and they will feel you are just trying to take their money and run.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” – Jeff Bezos

So now you know what it takes to achieve strong customer loyalty. While there’s no overnight solution, by putting these steps into practice you will slowly see an increase in the loyalty shown by your customers.

After a while you’ll learn to appreciate what makes the customers that frequent your business happy. You can develop a system that makes sure they are taken care of and eventually that system will run very smoothly.

If you have any more suggestions about how to increase customer loyalty, please free to leave a comment on Twitter with the handle @getdesignwizard.

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