Easter ranks pretty highly on the list of favorite holidays, not just because it’s a great excuse to eat ourselves into a chocolate induced coma. It lands right in the middle of Spring signalling the arrival of longer and brighter days. We can readily see this in the colors we associate with the season – when we think of Easter and Spring we associate it with bright green grass, lemon yellow chicks, lavender flowers, pastel pink and white rabbits.
This light, bright and airy season should be reflected in your marketing campaigns and social media posts.

Keep it clear with copy-space

Copy-space images are great for marketing and advertising. By copy-space I mean images where large areas of the picture are left neutral and open for example images with white or solid color backgrounds or natural backgrounds like blue sky, water, grass or sand.
Copy-space images are incredibly versatile and white or solid color backgrounds can make your design pop. They allow you the space you need to showcase your Easter promotions, add your logo or create inspirational quotes. Textured or patterned backgrounds can be incredibly effective but creative restraint is necessary with these backgrounds – keep it simple!
ideas for easter
Experiment with our vast library of Easter inspired copy-space images, browse through our keyword collection of Easter, chocolate, eggs, rabbits, chicks, family and kids. Use the heart logo on hover to save them to your favorites.
Pro Tip – Add a transparent layer to the image to make the text stand out. Play around with placement, using a split-screen effect can be modern and cool.


It’s not quite Easter unless it’s written in a fluid cursive font. As with most areas of design, less is usually more so if you are using a calligraphy style header make sure to keep the rest of your text simple and legible. Check out some of Design Wizard’s typography for inspiration.
Alex Brush is a slim and swirly font that has an old world feel. The sophisticated forward slope lends itself perfectly to place cards, invitations and event advertising.
Lobster Two is a bold and modern font with distinctive tails. The letter spacing and rigidity strike a good balance between decorative and easy to read.
Chicken Script is a quirky scribble that has an uneven height level. It’s youthful and lively and has little o’s instead of dots over the i’s – doesn’t get much better than that!
 ideas for easter
Pro tip – A message that looks epic and elegant in a 72 point could look like a small ink spillage in a 16 point.

Color me beautiful

The world is abloom with color during Spring so where better to get inspiration than from Mother Nature herself. Color Surge is proving to be a huge trend for 2017, the bolder and brighter the better.
Use the color dropper to pick up the exact shade you want from your image and save it to create your very own custom palette.
 ideas for easter
Pro Tip – Use white lettering against a bright background or use multiple colors and layers against a white or block color background.
Get started quickly by choosing from our wide range of pre-made Easter fonts. You can customize them by easily changing background colors, icon colors and fonts. Add your logo or photos to make your design unique.
 ideas for easter
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