Select and Save Your Color Palette in Design Wizard

Create your custom palette

You can now add your favorite colors or your brand colors to your Design Wizard account. The great news is that unlike other tools you might be using, in Design Wizard you only have to add the colors to your palette once and they are available for all your future designs.

custom color palette

Design Wizard color picker

Use the square color picker and slider to select a color. Click the ‘Add Color’ button to save the color to your color palette.

color palette

Add HEX colors

Once you have chosen to add a color it will be saved to your custom palette. These colors can be removed by hovering your mouse over the color and clicking on the x that appears in the top right corner as shown below.

color palette


color palette

Selecting colors from an image

You can use the eyedropper to select colors from any image in your design including your company logo. Select the color palette icon in the workspace menu bar. Then turn on the eye dropper. Move your mouse over the image to select the color you want to use. Then simply click the ‘Add Color’ button to add the color to your palette.

color palette
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