Colors are everywhere. In our daily lives, we are constantly surrounded by colors. These colors can influence our emotions, how we feel about something, even how we think about certain brands.

But we all see colors differently. One cultural group associates white with life and another group, with death.

Marketers have been using the psychology of colors for decades and are often used to draw an emotional response from the customer. Let’s take a look at some colors below, and how you can apply them in your own campaigns to get your message across.


How to use green color for your business


We often associate green with nature, health and vitality so it’s no wonder we see this color in environmentally friendly products or natural beauty and health products. Use nature inspired hues in your designs to convey a natural feel.


How to use red color in your designs


Red – red is powerful and can convey many different emotions and feelings depending on its context. It can invoke passion and love in some but anger and rage in another. Universally, red is a color of strength and brands often use it to show power, even dominance. My first thought when it comes to red and branding is Coca Cola, and I’m sure no one would argue against their domination of their market.


How to use navy-blue color in corporate brochures and branding


Blue – some see blue as a calming color while others associate it with sadness. It has of course long been a color to denote masculinity, often campaigns associated with men’s health overwhelmingly use blue. A dark navy blue is often used in business campaigns as it conveys a sense of seriousness and professionalism. Use navy blue in your design for that corporate feel and conservative look.


How to use purple color in images


Purple – a traditionally royal color, purple has been associated for centuries with royalty and majesty. Purple will always be a color of luxury and it is often used to show opulence or expense. To give your designs a luxury feel, incorporate purple throughout.


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