Design Wizard are delighted to announce a new integration with social media posting scheduler pros Buffer. We are thrilled to integrate our beloved graphic design software app with such a powerful tool and established brand.
From our inception we pledged to integrate with companies that share the same commitment to quality and who strive to offer exceptional value and service to customers – so where better to begin than with Buffer?
Living in this Digital Age means it has never been easier to build a brand identity, but life online is not without it’s challenges. One we all face is the daily task of juggling several social media platforms.
So let’s start with how Buffer works: simply sign up to create a free account, add the relevant social networks and then schedule your posts for peak times. Users can keep track of posts and engagement stats on their personal and straight-forward dashboard.
designwizard buffer integration
Easy-peasy. But then we thought – why stop there? When Design Wizard can make your social media workflow even faster.
Let’s set the scene: you’re working in our graphic design app and have just finished creating your perfect image or template and are now ready to show it to the world. Hit the share icon where you will find our brand new Buffer button in all it’s glory. Clicking it will bring you straight to your Buffer account where you can add your caption, publish instantly, place in the queue or schedule it for later.
designwizard buffer integration
Having a direct line from Design Wizard to Buffer using our new integration means you can keep your networking sites stocked up with professional level visuals. In case you need any further convincing – we’ve compiled 5 Reasons why pre-post planning can alleviate the pressure that comes from constantly keeping up with social media.

1 – Space to Create

Despite many people’s protestations, one’s best work is not produced seconds before a dead-line! Allowing yourself time and space to create will always yield better results. Writing blogs or designing images with a clear head means you can give more thought to each element and the finished product will be far more polished.

2 – Consistency is Key

Building and maintaining quality social media accounts demands consistency. Producing high class content regularly is near impossible if you don’t prepare. Of course there is room for spontaneity and real-time engagement but on the whole, pre-planning your posts will present a sense of stability for your audience to anchor themselves to.

3 – Ghost Poster

Here one day, gone the next – long stretches of absence on social media make it difficult for followers to connect to. Inactive accounts are the same as invisible accounts and in the frenetic, pro-active World Wide Web, a leisurely approach to updates can come across as lazy. Plus, most people assume that even the inert account holders are still present, lurking somewhere in the background, virtual voyeurs if you will. Basically ghost posters are fooling nobody but themselves.

4 – A World of Choice

Online content creation is often based on time-sensitive subjects and so pre-planning is essential to maximizing engagement. Thanks to a calendar year bursting with commercial opportunities for digital marketing we have more chances than ever to promote our brands. Four seasons, handfuls of holidays and endless events are all perfect social media subjects. But when everyone is vying for the same spotlight, preparation could be just the ticket that gets you on that stage.

5 – Work / Life Balance

Like everything else in life, you get back what you put into social networking. Posting random things at random times will more than likely lead to…well…nothing. This empty void (where all the likes, comments and shares should be) follows you around like a black cloud in work, at home and pretty much everywhere else you go.
But managing social media platforms should be fun, rewarding and motivating. It’s a chance to positively promote yourself or your brand and to interact with people from all corners of the globe.
Dedicating time to developing strategies, planning posts and scheduling times means you can truly switch off from social media and enjoy life in the real world.

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