Be sociable with your customers and prospects on social media

Social media is one of the best ways to develop and reinforce your business to customer relationships.


To make the most of your social media we have compiled 15 ways to boost your B2C social media engagement by using compelling visuals.

Profile Pictures

Profile pictures are a way to visually define a business, brand or person. Also known as a profiler, this image is the one that represents a page and its activity. It’s recommended that you have the same profile picture across all social networking sites so that you are instantly recognizable. Consistency is a huge part of building an online audience which is why it’s a good idea not to change a profile picture too often. Updating it to reflect certain events or even the season can keep it fresh and current, for example adding snowflakes to celebrate the holidays.

Businesses actually have it pretty easy when it comes to their profile image – a clear image of their logo or product is the simplest but most effective approach to take. Avoid head-shots unless you are specifically trying to build the profile of a consultant or author. Remember that profiler sizes are small (even though they vary from site to site) and they need to be clear, so it’s best to keep text to a minimum.

For a personal profiler, make sure your image is clear, professional and up-to-date. Avoid the temptation to use a group shot or a photo from a social occasion.

Above all else, never use the empty default image, to do so appears indifferent and disinterested.

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Design Wizard’s profile image

Facebook Posts

It’s really not surprising that so many people feel comfortable communicating via Facebook. Using the site has become a familiar part of daily life, with some admitting they check their account up to fourteen times a day!

People are more likely to interact with people they know on Facebook. Newsfeeds are also more relatable because the vast majority of stories posted are personal life experiences.

Facebookers love giving their opinion on something they are familiar with or somewhere they’ve been. But equally, they love discovering new things. Brands often concentrate on cracking international audiences on social media but forget how crucial it is to build support at a grassroots level too. On Facebook, there is an unwritten loyalty to all things local – something that business pages should be taken advantage of.


facebook post social media Design Wizardfacebook post social media Design Wizardfacebook post social media Design Wizard

Facebook Covers

Facebook covers are often under-utilized, often included as an afterthought rather than an as integral part of a company’s social strategy. Any opportunity where brands can show their customers and followers what they do should be maximized. These banner or landscape shaped images are perfect canvases as they allow plenty of room for photographs, illustrations, and text.

The Horologist example below gives viewers a glimpse behind the scenes: two photographs combine to present a busy, inviting workplace while the funky illustrative background blends this traditional skill with a modern contemporary style. The image as a whole tells the audience so much about the business, and all before they have even clicked on the page!


facebook cover social media Design Wizard


Getting a Facebook cover image size right is something that many people struggle with, it can be difficult to resize an image to those dimensions without losing the aspect ratio – basically without stretching and warping the image. Design Wizard has solved this problem by creating the exact Facebook cover template, 828 px X 315 px which means all you have to concentrate on is creating your perfect design.

Facebook Ads

More and more marketers are taking their Facebook business page a step further using the sites’ diverse advertising format to target an endless supply of engaged users. With almost 2 billion active users the value of connecting with an audience that vast is almost incalculable.

facebook ad social media Design Wizard

Done well, advertising on Facebook pays for itself. Done badly, it becomes a huge waste of money.

There are millions of photos uploaded to Facebook on a daily basis and bland adverts can easily go unnoticed among the relentless stream of images. But unique images, clever use of color and of course, compelling copy all work to help your Facebook advert stand out.

facebook ad social media Design Wizard

Anything related to discounts, offers, and any money saving solutions are also sure-fire ways to grab attention. Give your sale, bargain or CTA the emphasis it needs by emblazoning it in big, bold font and in a color that will pop off the page. A persuasive value proposition never fails to increase click-through.


facebook ad social media Design Wizard


Twitter Posts

Twitter loves a bit of wit but most people know how challenging it can be to try and make someone lol in 140 characters! Using humor in your Twitter post image is a great way to project some personality while promoting your business at the same time.

twitter post social media Design Wizard


The Twittersphere is a fast-moving entity, where the most interesting thrive, so don’t let your brand down by displaying it alongside boring images. Only use high-quality photographs, captivating colors, and professional fonts. Images that include smiling people are always impactful, but only if they appear authentic and the smile reaches their eyes.Templates and collages are a great way to maximize visual information. While inspirational messages and memes are a firm favorite among Tweeps.


twitter post social media Design Wizard


Consistently coming up with dynamic visuals is now so easy to do with graphic design software Design Wizard. There are over 1.2 million professionally produced images in its fully searchable creative library. No more lackluster visuals for you!

Twitter Covers

Hashtag? Check. Call to action? Check. Cute, colorful little bird illustrations that make you want to tickle them under their tiny vectorised beaks? Check.

This Twitter cover image would work for just about any industry or company because it blends a simplistic design with a bold high impact CTA. It also ties in nicely with Twitter’s own logo and shows that you don’t have to dazzle your audience with bright colors to be seen. Using color sparingly on a white background can be enough.


twitter cover social media Design Wizard


Text centric cover images are particularly effective on Twitter too. A strong legible font on a simple or block color background is a quick and easy design to get right. Twitter loves a short punchy sentence, using it in your cover tells your audience you’re starting as you mean to go on!


twitter cover social media Design Wizard

It’s recommended that companies should change their Twitter covers regularly to reflect how as a brand they are constantly evolving and improving. This means there is plenty of scope to experiment with different styles and approaches.


Twitter Ads

Twitter advertising has the potential to make your social media community multiply by increasing conversions, leads and engagement. Twitter ad’s advocate that businesses target their audience based on specific details like location and interests. It’s highly recommended to include keywords can reinforce the ad’s impact.
twitter ad social media Design Wizard

twitter ad social media Design Wizard

twitter ad social media Design Wizard


Twitter moves quickly, the photographs or illustrations should be easy to understand and the message should be clear from the first glance. If the twitter ad hard to figure out, very few people will take the time to try. Be clever without being cryptic. It’s critical that your Twitter ad catches the eye instantly.

Same goes for the text, be clear and direct with what you are advertising – spell it out with large, even font. Hashtags are synonymous with Twitter so including them in your image will give the suggestion that the company or brand is the< trending topic that people need to know about.


Instagram Posts

Instagram is a cool, trendy and sophisticated community but one that is surprisingly willing to hand out the likes and shares. But, similar to hanging out with the cool kids in real life – there are conditions!


The whole point of Instagram is to share amazing images – everything else is secondary – and Instagrammers can be critical – or just outright ignore – what they consider to be a bad photo.


Have a look at what other people are doing well and how they’re doing it. Browse through some of the trending images that are related to your brand and figure out how to put your stamp on similar content. Design Wizard is a wealth of Instagram inspirations, there’s a whole template section dedicated to it, full of professionally made images ready to be customized and shared.


instagram post social media Design Wizard


Activity is the key to Instagram, not posting or contributing for even a couple of days will see your followers plummet. Maintain your audience and increase your visibility by interacting with other people – like, share and comment on posts that genuinely interest you. It takes daily dedication to keep up, but once you get past the 1000 follower mark, things tend to get a little easier.


instagram post social media Design Wizard

instagram post social media Design Wizard


Tumblr Posts

Tumblr is like the younger version of Instagram – think less lifestyle and more millennial – but it has a similar creative and fresh feel. A unique thing about Tumblr is that it’s a cross between social media and blogging. Many artists, designers, and writers use it to showcase their work and because of that words are a big part of it.


As with any creative community means there is a lot of artistic talent competing for attention, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and practices. Hand-drawn illustrations, funky icons and combining photos with graphics and text are just some of the ways you can play around with your Tumblr profile.


tumblr posts social media Design Wizard tumblr post social media Design Wizard


Design Wizard is the perfect platform for combining images and text. We have over 100 fonts in our ever growing library, that span a huge number of different styles. You can also upload your own font, which is a brilliant feature for businesses.


YouTube Channel Art

The number of YouTube videos that are uploaded, viewed and shared every day on YouTube is incredible. People have lost hours – days even – watching YouTube video after video. The best part about it is that anybody can their view videos so marketing your product or service via a YouTube video is one of the easiest ways to go viral.


When a viewer likes a video, they want to see more of the same. Getting traffic to a YouTube channel is the easy part, convincing them to subscribe is a bit more difficult. Having a compelling YouTube channel art might be the deciding factor.

youtube channel social media Design Wizard    youtube photo social media Design Wizard


Whatever image you choose to represent your brand just make sure it stands out. It needs to be clear when viewed on all different types of devices (Design Wizard templates include a handy ‘safe zone’ grid so that you can place your designs in a way that will cater to all mediums).


Many of the channels who have the most subscribers rely on mesmerizing patterns and trendy design backgrounds but close-ups and quotes are also popular.


LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn requires a different tactic from all other social media mainly because it’s not social media – it’s a professional networking site and the atmosphere is far more reserved. Because of this LinkedIn posts require more careful consideration in terms visual content and the word phasing.


linkedin post social media Design Wizard


One of the best ways to impress your LinkedIn connections is with professional quality images. It is these touches that suggest a meticulous nature with an eye for detail. (Nobody needs to know your design only took five minutes to create on Design Wizard!)


Whether you are attaching an image to an article or to a status update, the type of image should reflect the text but keeping it ‘businessy’ will ensure it harmonizes with the tone of the site. But businessy doesn’t have to mean boring, it can be creative, exciting and professional. Anything that signifies innovation, activity, and technology are good representations of a contemporary company.


LinkedIn Post social media Design Wizard  linkedin post social media Design Wizard


LinkedIn Covers

Similar to the earlier Facebook cover section, LinkedIn covers are often underemployed and many users miss out on the benefits of having a powerful cover image. It can be hard to differentiate yourself from the other professionals and not going to the effort of creating an original cover image won’t help. The best cover images for LinkedIn are those that link directly back to the job, company or brand.


linkedin cover social media Design Wizard linkedin cover social media Design Wizard linkedin cover social media Design Wizard


Take every opportunity available to remind your audience who you are and what you do. LinkedIn cover images are the perfect place to present your logo and photographs of your product or service. Even if it’s just a simple pattern, design or sentence it will be more of an impact than leaving it as the blue default cover.


LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional networking site where most people visit with one clear purpose – to discover new businesses. Advertising on LinkedIn is a great way for brands to gain extra visibility and engagement.


Including images in your LinkedIn adverts will be far more memorable than text-centric adverts. Your target audience are far more likely to recall an interesting image but only when the quality is high, you want them to remember you for all the right reasons.

linkedin ad social media Design Wizard linkedin ad social media Design Wizard
Being clever with your LinkedIn image advert copy will entice people to follow your link. Use persuasive and compelling language to capture the attention of your audience and try to communicate the message clearly in concise sentences.


Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat is quickly rising the ranks of the social media stratosphere with almost 170 million users. It is brilliant for up-to-the-minute video commentary which is so popular with millennials, so if they are your target audience you must be on Snapchat.


But their Geofilters are a brilliant way for marketers to maximize events such as workshops, webinars, and seminars. Design Wizard has a Snapchat Geofilter canvas size so that you can create your own transparent filter and layer it over an image or snap.

snapchat geofilter social media Design Wizard     snapchat geofilter social media Design Wizard      snapchat social media Design Wizard


Snapchat Geofilters are made for fun rather than profit which is why brands are not permitted to include logos, trademarks or hashtags in their Geofilters. Eliminating the obvious marketing ploys means the templates are open to pure creativity!


To make a stand-out Snapchat Geofilter the image should be relevant to the event or location. It also shouldn’t cover up too much of the screen, try to keep it a maximum of 25%.


Business Cards

While the original purpose of a business card is to give them out directly to people, there is no reason why they can’t be shared across all of your social media platforms. A business card is such an important marketing tool and brands should take every opportunity to maximize their impact.


Design Wizard’s magic resize button means that you can instantly change the size of your business card designs to suit all the social media dimensions listed above and more! (But it’s also possible to resize business cards to other printable materials too such as posters, flyers or email header images.)


Not only is this generating valuable digital content it is also a chance to be consistent with your brand’s style and identity.


business cards social media Design Wizard

business cards social media Design Wizard

business cards social media Design Wizard

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