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Easy-to-use online video editing app that allows you to add text to video with ease.

Choose a video template or upload your own video

Inserting Text to Your Video

A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Upload Your Video

    Easily upload your own video or choose a video from our Design Wizard video library.

  2. Add Text

    Simply choose an animated text template and add your text. Alternatively you can lay text over your own videos.

  3. Customize Your Video

    Upload your own fonts, logos, add text to video and pick your own brand colors.

  4. Download

    Download videos in MP4 or share directly with social media.

Using Ready-Made Video Templates

Add Text In Minutes

It’s Never Been Easier


Uploading Videos

Uploading your video is quick and easy. You also can choose from a wide variety of our very own stock videos allowing you to create videos for any occasion or need - whether it’s for business, events, family or fun.

Adding Text and Custom Fonts

Stay on brand and personalise how your text looks by uploading your very own fonts, or simply choose from our extensive range of quality fonts. Design Wizard allows you to add text just the way you want to.

Choosing Templates

Choose from a variety of animated text templates, or just you can just lay your text over your image or video. Our templates allow users to quickly and easily make professional looking videos without a steep learning curve.

Double Engagement

Increase viewer engagement with powerful messages and ads to grow your following. Design Wizard allows you to take your social media and marketing game to the next level.

Why Video?


You Don’t Have To Be a Video Editing Guru


...but you might feel like one!

Our online video editing tools and allow users create professional videos and designs in minutes.

Our simple drag and drop feature makes it video production possible for everyone.

Design Like A Pro


Social Media Posts

Creating videos for your social media doesn't have to take hours and hours. With our online video editor, you can create content in minutes and share with the world. Simply add your video, add your text, and watch engagement grow!


Give your website that professional touch with custom videos and images that can take your business to the next level. Whether it's real estate, marketing, retail or restaurants, Design Wizard has something for everyone.

Stock Photos and Uploading Images

Uploading your own photos and images is easy. Once uploaded you can add text just the way you want. Design Wizard has over 15,000 stock images to choose from if you need content, allowing you to create image designs online ads, social media posts, websites and much more.


Branding is huge! Without strong branding nobody will remember who you are, no matter how good your video or social media presence is. Design Wizard allows you create you very own logos using our templates and image editors. You can also add your logo to any images of videos to make them you own.

Captivate Your Audience With Animated Text Templates


Design Wizard Video Editing Tool

Design Wizard has an intuitive interface and no need for previous skill in editing or video creation.

Our animated video text templates make it easy to capture your audience with compelling eye-catching messages.

Captivate your audience with animated text templates. Just choose a template and insert your text to begin.

Adding text is a great way to improve engagement and captivate your audience.